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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

when World is threatened - only Saviour is Sriman Narayana : ஆவிகாப்பார் இனியார்?

The real paradox or oxymoron is :  in Chennai People fear Corona but feel that it would not affect them.  First there are WA and Social media experts whose research reveals on how Covid can be tackled then follows another message on the nos. affected and why the death ratio is going up and how long it would take to come out of this – it is mortal fear yet people assemble in large numbers.

With more than 11 lakh coronavirus cases, India is among the 10 worst-affected countries by COVID-19.  Aggressive and focused testing has helped Chennai control the spread of Covid-19, the city’s corporation officials said. Positive cases are identified at an early stage, they say, with the help of door to door surveillance and fever camps. The corporation has introduced mobile testing centers in densely populated areas to identify potential cases and avoid unnecessary movement of asymptomatic patients. “There used to be a time when Royapuram and Tondiarpet used to have 200 cases per day; now we are getting maximum 50-80 cases a day. The testing has been increased, the positivity has substantially reduced. Once if someone is found symptomatic, we quarantine them till their results come out. If they are negative, we will tear off the sticker, and if found positive due procedure will be followed. Also, it is not about that individual, people who were in contact with him are also quarantined till their test results come out,” a senior corporation official said. Chennai, as of July 20, has 87,235 positive cases, that is 50 per cent of the total cases in Tamil Nadu. There are 15 zones under the city corporation and the state government. Among these zones Royapuram (Zone 5), Anna Nagar (Zone 8), Teynampet (Zone 9), Tondiarpet (Zone 4), and Kodambakkam (Zone 10) are the most affected areas.

Long before Covid 19 threatened humanity – people always feared that World would end one day ! .. .. doomsday predictions include deluge – a flood destroying civilizations, often in an act of divine retribution.   Most flood myths also contain a culture hero, who "represents the human craving for life". The flood-myth motif occurs in many cultures. 

Assam is battling flood of epic proportions which has killed more than 80 people in the state and affected over 70 lakh people. At least 24 of the state’s 33 districts are affected due to floods triggered by heavy monsoon shower. “Over 70 lakh people have been affected due to Assam floods. People, as well as animals, are being rescued from the affected areas and being shifted to relief camps and safer locations,” chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal told news agency ANI. “On one hand, people are troubled due to Covid-19 and on the other hand, there are challenges arising out of Assam floods. Still, the people of our state continue to fight the battle. Central and state governments are providing all kinds of assistance to the people,” he added. According to a Central Water Commission (CWC) bulletin, most rivers in the state continue to be in spate. The Brahmaputra, Dhansiri, Jia Bharali, Kopili, Beki, Kusiyara and Sankosh flowed above the danger mark at several places.  Yet, the annual deluge is considered essential for the survival of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are theories that the end will come in a fire that devours the whole universe. Other theories include nuclear war and a meteor crashing onto earth and blasting it into smithereens. But the Deluge remains a prominent fixture, some theories predicting that it could be triggered by an earthquake or by multiple tsunamis caused by global warming. The nuclear war theory has lost its charm. Such a war can, of course, wipe out what we see as civilisation, but the warmongers themselves will be wiped out in the process. That reality has acted as a deterrent. 

The world can be virtually destroyed without nuclear blasts. Suddenly there was talk of Himalayan mountains deteriorating at a faster rate.  Seas rising and devouring cities on its banks.   We were all told that India was being destroyed by drought: Soil drying up, rivers disappearing, poor people migrating to safer areas.
Thondaradipodigal in His Thirumalai taught us this - that he does not desire another birth for:  in the 100years that one is granted, half the time is spent sleeping. The balance time is wasted away in Childhood and adolescence (when we are clueless on what we do), disease and hunger and later old age.

வேதநூல்  பிராயம் நூறு மனிசர்தாம் புகுவரேலும் *
பாதியும் உறங்கிப்போகும் நின்றதில்  பதினையாண்டு*
பேதைபாலகன் அதாகும்  பிணிபசி மூப்புத்துன்பம்*
ஆதலால் பிறவிவேண்டேன் அரங்கமா நகருளானே !

His clarion call to people spells -  none of us  would do mistakes, if  one is humble and realize that ‘life on earth is short’ and can come to an end very suddenly.   புரளும்போது அறியமாட்டீர்- இந்த சரீரமானது எப்போது நிலத்தில் சாயும் என்ற சமயத்தை அறிந்தவர் அல்லீர்

In our holy Bhagwat Gita Lord  Krishna proclaims : “Time, I am, the Destroyer of All.” Be it Corona or deluge or fire or War – mankind has survived – people will continue to live till their destined time .. .. and our Saviour during any testing time is Sriman Narayana.   Swami Nammalwar shows us the way :

ஆவிகாப்பார்   இனியார்? ஆழ்கடல்  மண் விண்மூடி,
மாவிகாரமாய்    ஓர் வல்லிரவாய் நீண்டதால்,
காவிசேர் வண்ணன்  என் கண்ணனும் வாரானால்,
பாவியேன் நெஞ்சமே!   நீயும்   பாங்கல்லையே?
-                                                                      [திருவாய்மொழி ஸ்வாமி நம்மாழ்வார்]

ஆழ்ந்த கடலையும்,  பூமியையும், ஆகாசத்தையும்  மறைத்து (இவ்வளவோடும் நில்லாமல் ஸகலலோகங்களையும் கபளீகரிக்கும்படி)  பெரிய விகாரத்தையுடைந்தாய்கொண்டு  வலிதான ஒரே ராத்திரியாய் நீண்டது.  அப்படி ஒரு கடின கஷ்ட காலத்தில் எங்களை காப்பற்றவல்லன் -  நெய்தல் பூப்போன்ற நிறத்தையுடையனான கண்ணபிரான் மட்டுமே.  அந்த மாயப்பிரான்  தனது திருமுகத்தைக் காட்டி  பிராணனை ரக்ஷித்துத்  தராவிடில், நமக்கு வேறு ஒருவரும் இல்லை ..  எனவே அவனடி தொழுது, அவனிடம் சேர, அவனிடமே பிரார்த்திப்போம். கடின காலங்கள் நீங்கி, உலகத்தில் பழைய அமைதி திரும்பி, நாமும் அனைத்து திவ்யதேசங்களிலும் புறப்பாட்டில் எழுந்து அருளும் எம்பெருமானை சேவித்து ஆனந்தம் அடைவோம்.

Here are some photos of Sri Azhagiya Singar periya mada veethi purappadu for Purattasi Sani on 24.9.2016

adiyen Srinivasadhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar
பாசுர உரைக்கு எனது நன்றி : திராவிட வேதா இணையம்.

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