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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sri Parthasarathi kuthirai vahanam 2019 - horse race at Paris Longchamp !

The Paris Longchamp Racecourse (Hippodrome de Longchamp) is a 57 hectare horse-racing facility located on the Route des Tribunes in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, France.   The course is home to more than half of the group one races held in France, and has a capacity of 50,000. The highlight of the calendar is the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. Held on the first weekend in October, the prestigious event attracts the best horses from around the world.   The first-ever race run at Longchamp was in  1857 in front of a massive crowd. The Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie were present, having sailed down the Seine River on their private yacht to watch the third race.

Today @ 8 pm – but for Covid 19, we would have had kuthirai vahana purappadu of Sri Parthasarathi in His Chithirai Brahmothsavam this day but now we are only thinking of corona virus. 

A new study has found an association between low average levels of vitamin D and high numbers of Covid-19 cases and mortality rates across 20 European countries. The research, led by scientists from UK’s Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust, is published in the journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. Vitamin D is known to modulate the response of white blood cells, preventing them from releasing too many inflammatory cytokines (part of the body’s immune response to fight infections). And the SARS-CoV2 virus is known to cause an excess of pro-inflammatory cytokines, called a cytokine storm.

At 8 pm today, the Nation once again glued to the television to hear PM Shri Narendra Modiji’s 5th speech in recent times.  He announced massive relief package and stated that this  era of self-reliant India will be a new festival for every Indian. Now we have to move forward with a new life force, new determination.  No one can stop us from turning into a self-reliant country.  He announced that Finance Minsiter  will announce details of special economic package.  The fourth phase of lockdown will be completely redesigned, with new rules;  Time has taught us that we must make 'local' the mantra of our lives. Global brands that are there today were once local too but when people there started supporting them they became global. That is why from today, every Indian must become vocal for our local, asserted the great man.

For Srivaishnavaites, surrendering at the lotus feet of Emperuman is the purpose of life.   On the evening of day 8 of the  brahmothsavam is ‘Kuthirai vahanam’.   Our ancestors have not only established such grand fete  ‘Uthsavams’ but have taken care of the minutest details .. .. on the golden decorated horse, Emperuman cracks a whip, adorns a crown that generally is worn by horse-riders ~ and ever imagined how His legs would be adorned ?  -   have  darshan of Emperuman thiruvadi here !!

குதிரை- புராணங்களிலும், சங்க இலக்கியங்களிலும், மன்னர் காலத்திலும்,  சிறப்பாக கருதப்பட்டு வந்து  உள்ளது. இளவரசர்கள் யானை ஏற்றம், குதிரை ஏற்றம், ரதம் ஓட்டுதல் இவற்றில் தேர்ச்சி அடைந்தனர். பண்டைய அரசுகளின் படைகளில் குதிரைப்படை இன்றியமையாத ஒன்றாக இருந்துள்ளது.  குதிரைகள் மிக வேகமாக ஓட வல்லவை - அவற்றின் சக்தி பிரம்மிப்பூட்ட்ட வல்லது.  நமது  வைணவ திருக்கோவில்களில்  பிரம்மோத்சவத்தில் - குதிரை வாஹனம் சிறப்பானது. 

குதிரை, புரவி தவிர ~ மா, பரி, மான், இவுளி, கலிமா - இதனது வேறு பெயர்கள்.  பூம்புகாரின் செல்வவளம் நிறைந்த வீதிகளை பற்றி  பட்டினப்பாலையில் குறிப்பிடுகையில்  : **செல்கதிர் நுழையாச் செழுநகர் வரைப்பின், செல்லா நல்லிசை அமரர் காப்பின் நீரின் வந்த நிமிர் பரிப்புரவியும்.............வடமலைப் பிறந்த மணியும் பொன்னும்......** என  சூரியனின் கதிர்கள் நுழைய முடியாத வளமான பூம்புகாரில் , வெளிநாடுகளிலிருந்து கடல் வழியே கப்பலில் வந்த நிமிர்ந்து வேகமாகச் செல்லும் வடக்கே உள்ள மலையில் விளைந்த மணி வகைகளும்,பொன்னும், மேற்குமலையில் தோன்றிய சந்தனமும் அகிலும், தென்கடலில் கிடைத்த முத்தும் போன்ற அரிதான பொருட்களும் குவிந்து கிடந்தாக சொல்லப்பட்டு உள்ளது.

There has been some talk about resuming Cricket played in front of empty grounds but miles away French horse racing resumed on Monday after a break of nearly two months because of the coronavirus pandemic, while the sport in Britain was made to wait until June 1 at the earliest for a restart.  Jockeys wore masks or face coverings and there was limited personnel on the famed Longchamp Racecourse in western Paris as authorities gave the go-ahead for France Galop to stage racing without spectators. There were no celebratory hugs and trainers and jockeys wore masks as French racing resumed under the shadow of coronavirus at the fabled Longchamp racecourse on Monday. While France's Ligue 1 football and Top 14 rugby leagues have been cancelled until September, racing benefitted from being quixotically labelled an agricultural pursuit.  It restarted only after reported last minute lobbying persuaded President Emmanuel Macron to give it the go-ahead.  Their example will have been watched closely by British racing authorities who on Monday inked in a possible return on June 1. Another racing powerhouse, Ireland, has tentatively mooted June 29.

Horses domesticated thousands of years ago, have been associated with man in many ways – right from farming to warfare.  The centuries that immediately preceded  produced a flood of treatises on the organization and tactics of cavalry and on the training of cavalry horses and riders. Countless public reports and private diaries, regimental histories and personal memoirs, intensified the deluge, as did a steady stream of disciplinary histories, particularly in the latter half of that period. Many of these works relied not only on the military experience and expertise of their authors, but also on disinterested research and rigorous thinking.   Cavalry has been at the centrestage of warfare ..

On day 8 of Sri Parthasarathi Perumal  @ thiruvallikkeni  is ‘Aswa (kuthirai) vahanam’ [in fact two !] – Sri Thelliya Singar has purappadu on golden horse and comes Thirumangai mannan on his ‘aadalma’ (more on Kaliyan vaibhavam in a separate post !)  Here are some photos of kuthirai vahanam of last year held on 26.4.2019

~ adiyen Srinivasadhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar

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