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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sri Emperumanar Sesha vahanam 2020

This morning saw an aeroplane hovering – was looking at it as if had not seen it before.  Yes, suddenly lot of things have become unfamiliar in life !

இன்று 26.5.2020 ‘வைகாசி திருவாதிரை’.  'கண்டவர் சிந்தை கவரும் கடிபொழில் தென்னரங்கன் * தொண்டர் குலவும் இராமானுசன்' - என எழில் வாய்ந்த திருவரங்கத்தில் வாழும் பெரிய பெருமாளுடைய தொண்டர்களால் கொண்டாடப்பட்டவரும், வேதங்களை இப்பூவுலகிலே ஓங்கி வளரச் செய்த பரம உதாரருமான ஸ்ரீ ராமானுஜரின் திருநாள் இன்று . 

 Swami Ramanujar at Periamet

Now the whole World revolves on Covid – sadly, Temples have been closed.  We could not celebrate the Thiruvavathara Uthsavam of Swami Ramanujar this year.  In Kerala, devotees pleaded for a simple celebration of Thrissur puram with a solitary elephant but the Commie Govt denied permission.  Tomorrow we should celebrate the monthly celebration of Ramanujacharya at home reciting ‘Iramanusa Noorranthathi’.

With 765 fresh coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, Tamil Nadu's Covid-19 count has shot past 16,000. The total number of positive cases in the state now stands at 16,277, according to the state health department. With eight more deaths reported in the state since yesterday, the death toll also increased to 111, it said.   
The most comprehensive and total lockdown in history has been ongoing in India from 25 March. The aim of Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, when he cogitated on the Great Indian Lockdown (GIL) and finally implemented it was obvious. It was to protect as many individuals as possible of the 1.29 billion citizens of the world’s future third superpower from the millions of deaths that a battery of experts had publicly warned was inevitable in the absence of such a drastic measure, one not reproduced in any other country. In the rest of the “locked down” world, the degree of lockdown varies from 30% to 70%.  If only the literate Nation had practiced it truly and well, the nos. affected would have been much lesser.  In a diversified Nation of India, the affected are mostly from the cities.
Tamil Nadu which has the second highest number of coronavirus cases in India, had earlier written to the centre asking for domestic air travel to be deferred to the lockdown's end on May 31.   Hours before domestic flights resumed amid coronavirus lockdown, Tamil Nadu on Sunday agreed to allow 25 flights to land in Chennai every day as it listed SOPs for the passengers.  In Tamil Nadu, a 14-day quarantine will be mandatory for both asymptomatic and symptomatic passengers and they can chose to be isolated at their homes or a hotel, the State has said.
Tuesday, 26.5.2020 is Thiruvathirai in the month of Vaikasi – thiruvathirai is the birth star of our Acarya Swami Ramanujar.  In our sampradhayam, Bhagwad Ramanuja with his aesthetic beautiful interpretations occupies the central place.  Sri Ramanujar hailed as Udayavar, Emperumanar, Bashyakarar, Ilayazhwaar amongst other names was born in the year 1017 at Sri Perumpudur on ‘Thiruvathirai’ thirunakshathiram in the month of Chithirai.
Swami Ramanujar uthsavam 2017 (sahasrabdi) – periya Sesha vahanam.

The greatest reformer he was, Ramanuja toured the entire Country, making the Srivaishnavatie tradition flourish in all his path.  He was a great administrator too.  He created flawless systems, corrected the administration of Sri Rangam ensuring the proper maintenance of the wealth of Lord Ranganatha and creating teams to properly continue all kainkaryams to the Lord.

யோநித்யம் அச்யுத பதாம்புஜ யுக்மருக்ம* வ்யாமோஹதஸ் ததிதராணி த்ருணாய மேநே

அஸ்மத் குரோர் பகவதோsஸ்ய தயைகஸிந்தோ: *
ராமாநுஜஸ்ய  சரணௌ ரணம் ப்ரபத்யே**#

அழிவற்ற கலக்கமே இல்லாத அச்சுதன் எனும் எம்பெருமானிடத்தில் அளவிட முடியாத பிரேமை கொண்ட  ஸ்ரீராமாநுஜர் உலகத்திலுள்ள பொருட்களையும் ஆசைகளையும் ஒரு புல்லுக்கு சமானமாகவே கருதினார். கல்யாண குணங்களை கொண்டவரும், எல்லையில்லா தயையின் கடலுமான அவரே நமக்கெல்லாம் குரு.  ஆச்சார்யர் உடையவரது  திருவடிகளே நமக்கு சரண். [எம்பெருமானார் தனியன் கூரத்தாழ்வான் அருளிச்செய்தது].. .. ..  

Blessed are the people, who regularly recite the 108 songs rendered by his disciple ThiruvarangathuAmuthanar known as “Ramanuja Noorranthathi”.   Emperumanar was so attached to the lotus feet of Namperumal.  The Sacred Feet of the Lord was designated by Sri Ramanuja as ‘Poovar kazhalgal’ (bedecked with flowers), ‘Thirupolindhu sevadi’ at Srirangam (containing the place of Mahalakshmi) and ‘Thuyar aru thiruvadi’’ (removal of troubles) at Kanchi.

Here are some photos of Emperumanar SEsha vahanam at Thiruvallikkeni in 2018.

Azhwar Emperumanar Jeeyar thiruvadigale Saranam

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar

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