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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sri Ramar Garuda SEvai at Thiruvallikkeni Divyadesam

Very many centuries ago, descended on this earth, the Greatest Maryada Purush, the epitome of all virtues, who showed to all human beings on how to lead the life…. “Lord Sri Rama”.  His birth celebrations ~ Sri Rama Navami Uthsavam is on…. Today, 2nd April 2014 -  is the third day of the Uthsavam and at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam Sri Ramar had purappadu on Garuda vahanam.

Sri Ramanavami is on Panguni 25; Tuesday 8th of April 2014. .

Lord Rama descended on earth for the purpose of upholding righteousness and rewarding virtue. Ramayana is the greatest Ithihasa detailing the life and journey of the immortal Perfect man’s adherence to dharma despite harsh tests of life and time. Lord Rama is the epitome of all virtues and the perfect human being who abandoned the throne and served exile in the forest for the sake of honour of his beloved father.  Lord Rama  came in the dynasty of Iskshvahu.   Sri Rama Navami is a great day for all devotees as Lord Rama was born on the Navami thithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra masa (i.e., 9th day of the increasing phase of the moon in the lunar month of Chaitra).

In the land of Rama which obviously was the most exceptional paradise – Eldorado – Kambar describes it to be the place – where there was no philanthropy (as there was none seeking and receiving alms); not a place of valour (as there could be no invaders nor any war)…………yet its Lord’s life is not the story of happy living all the time….. in the prime of His youth, for 13 years, Lord Sri Rama accompanied by Sita and brother Lakshmana lived a life of pastoral peace in the forests.  Wherever  Rama decided to stay for some considerable time, Lakshmana would make a clearing in the forest, erect a thatched hermitage on a lonely eminence, plant flowers and creepers around the cottage. They lived hermit’s life collecting fruits and edible roots for food and not keeping anything for the future.  They did not wear any ornaments but were wearing the ones made of tree barks having forsaken enjoyment, casting away attachment from the material World – all following the order of His beloved father.  In those years,  it was deep silence of the forest, the vast panorama of nature around them, the green hillock, the grassy fields, the giant trees, gentle deer and other animals – all at a time when thousands were too willing to be by His side, serving all the time. 

After fulfilling the vow, after killing the demon and returning to rule the life was great for the subjects. In the blessed city of Ayodhya created by Brahma himself,, even the meanest small insects without exception lived happily ~ the ruler, the blemishless Sri Rama gave exalted status to all  ~ Swami Nammalwar asks will anyone learn of  anything else other than the exalted story of Sri Ramapiran !!!

         கற்பார் இராம பிரானைஅல் லால் மற்றும் கற்பரோ?*
         புற்பாமுதலாப் புல்லெறும் பாதி ஒன்று இன்றியே*
         நற்பால் அயோத்தியில் வாழும் சராசரம் முற்றவும்*
         நற்பாலுக்கு உய்த்தனன் நான்முகனார்பெற்ற நாட்டுளே.*

In that glorious Ramavathara, Lord Hanuman was closest to Him and carried HIM everywhere….the Greatest Carrier ordained to serve Lord Maha Vishnu - ‘Periya Thiruvadi [Garudan] gets a chance to carry Lord Rama on his shoulders  during this Sri Ramanavami Uthsavam and here are some photos of the fortune of Garuda – Sri Ramar Garuda Sevai at Thiruvallikkeni.

Periya Thiruvadi and Siriya Thiruvadi have had the glory and fortune of carrying the Greatest Lord on their shoulders – but perhaps – while carrying they could not have seen without taking eyes the golden visor shining on the forehead of their Master, the garland made of sweet fragrant flowers adorning their Master; the radiance illuminating from His face and the eyes that shower munificence ~ and that greatest Lotus feet, falling at which only will provide salvation to us all…………. We, the bakthas are more blessed as we are able to enjoy and prostrate at the feet of Lord Rama, more than the Thiruvadis could do. 

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan

2nd April 2014. 

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