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Friday, February 3, 2012

Irapathu Sarrumurai - Nammalwar Moksham

After Vaikunda Ekadasi, the Irapathu Uthsavam culminates with Sarrumurai – the 10th day of the Uthsavam.  The Irapathu Uthsavam is performed for Swami Nammalwar and the 10th day is very significant for the “Thiruvadi Thozhuthal”.

On 14th Jan 2012 (incidentally Bhogi this year)at  Thiruvallikkeni Divyadesam, after Thiruveedhi purappadu, there was rendition of 10th chapter (Patham Thiruvaimozhi) of Thiruvaimozhi in front of Lord Parthasarathi, Alwars, Acharyars and prominently Swami Nammalwar. 

At the start of the penultimate pathu ‘Soozh vizhum pani mugil thooriyam muzakkina’ [Thiruvaimozhi 10-9] – Swami Nammalwar was taken in the palms of Archagas, around the asthanam of Lord Parthasarathi and then was placed on the lotus feet of Lord, then covered fully with ‘Thulasi’.  This marks the entering of Mokshapuri after a great life on this earth  by Swami Nammalwar – as he himself sung ‘vaikuntham puguvathu mannavar vithiye’

Symbolically, this represents Lord gracing Paramapadam along with His consorts, holding all divine weapons, wearing divine ornaments, served by Periya Thiruvadi (Garuda)- there is Vishvaksenar, Dwarapalakars and all Nithyasuris, who are closer to God and serve Him daily.  The opening of the Gate these ten days is symbolic of the gate to Mokshapuri and reaching the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana  after crossing the 7 logas and cleaning the feet in the divine Vraja river.  That Swami Nammalwar reaches the divine culmination is Nammazhar Moksham or Nammalwar Thiruvadi Thozhudhal.  

Nammazhwar a typical Jeevathma, leaves the physical World, his atma takes new dress, crosses the logas, gets cleansed in Viraja nathi to attain the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana.  The atma which is not destroyed by fire or by anything else, eventually attains the eternal bliss of serving the Lord alongside Mukthas and Nithyasooris.   This is called Vaikunta Prapti.

Then as it happened, those in the World appeal to Lord to give back Nammalwar and God grants Azhwar  back to us to show us the way of leading life devoted to Sriman Narayana and the process of nearing Lord and reaching Him, seeking the Moksha. 

Needless to add that the holy thiruthuzhai [thulasi] and Perumal theertham distributed to all those present are immensely valuable and would make human beings blessed in leading the life in the righteous way.

Sri Nammazhwar thiruvadigale saranam.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan

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