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Monday, February 13, 2012

EEkkadu Thaangal Thiruvooral Uthsavam – Evening Purappadu

Sri Parthasarathi Swami upon reaching Ekkadu took rest in the place situated on the banks of river Adyar.  Thirumanjanam to Swami was performed and thereafter started around 0400 pm.  After mandakapadi at many a places, reached Saidapet.  The Prasanna VEnkatesa Narasimha Aalayam is under balalayam (renovation).  There was very grand purappadu at Saidapet replete with fireworks. Thousands of devotees had gathered at Saidapet to have darshan of Sri Parthasarathi.  Here the purappadu was in open palanquin and devotees were delighted to have darshan of His beauty in close quarters.

Sri Parthasarathi after halts at several places, hundreds delighted with His darshan at each place, returned back to Thiruvallikkeni in the late hours of the day.

அடியேன் : ஸ்ரீனிவாச தாசன். 

Pallakku at Eekkadu

Sri Parthasarathi and his consorts in the same pallakku

The open pallakku at Saidapet

 At Saidapet

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