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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Patnam Koil - "Sri Rama Krishna Srinivasar" 2022 - ಪಲ್ಲವಿ || ಪಿಳ್ಳಂಗೋವಿಯ

Île-Royale was a French colony in North America that existed in 18th century !   The siege of Louisbourg took place in 1745 when a New England colonial force aided by a British fleet captured Louisbourg, the capital of the French province of Île-Royale  !  what could be its connection to Chennai and today’s Pagal pathu uthsavam post ? 

The 1748 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, ended the War of the Austrian Succession. The two main antagonists in the war, Britain and France, opened peace talks in the Dutch city of Breda in 1746. Agreement was delayed by British hopes of improving their position; when this failed to occur, a draft treaty was agreed in  April 1748. A final version was signed on 18 October 1748 by Britain, France, and the Dutch Republic.  Among many items in Agenda was :   Britain and France exchange Louisbourg on Île-Royale for Madras in India !! 

When the French occupied Madras in 1746 and returned it to the English in 1749 in exchange by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, the English flattened a part of Black Town in order to have a clear field for fire in the event of a future attack. In 1773, the English erected 13 pillars along the flattened area of the Black Town and banned construction in any form between the pillars and the fort which would otherwise block the view of possible invaders. Soon a new township, known as the new Black Town, came up beyond these pillars and the old Black Town gave way to the Madras High Court. A thoroughfare was formed along the stretch between the pillars and the high court which later became the China Bazaar Road. 

During the colonial period, the area in and around Muthialpet was renamed as "George Town" by the British in 1911, in honour of King George V when he was crowned as the Emperor of India.  A statue of King George V still stands in front of Flower bazaar Police Station.  The city of Madras is less than 400 years old but areas like Thiruvallikkeni, Mylapore, Chintadripet, Egmore and more existed centuries preceding that .. ..  

The narrow, forgotten streets of Georgetown has many marriage halls and some beautiful temples – among them are the twin temples of Chenna Kesavar and Chenna Mallikeswarar – fondly called Patnam kovil.  It is stated that the present Patnam Kovil existed nearer the seashore ~ in the area where the Reserve Bank of India stands now…   it was razed by East India Co, which enraged the locals who agitated.  Later it was re-built in the present place, reportedly with the same building materials… !!    Besides the grant of the Council, Manali Muthukrishna Mudaliyar contributed 5,202 pagodas, and subscriptions from the congregation amounted to 15,652 pagodas. With this the work on the Chennakesava Perumal temple began in 1767, was completed in 1780. 

For  Srivaishnavaites – Adhyayana uthsavam is extremely significant as it offers golden opportunity of worshipping Emperuman, offering arulicheyal and more.  Pagal pathu is now on at all Divyadesangal and other temples  - on its culmination comes Vaikunda Ekadasi on 2.1.2023 followed by Irapathu uthsavam and Iyarpa Sarrumurai.  

Today  is day 5 of Pagal pathu uthsavam –  Muthal ayiram sarrumurai – arulicheyal goshti of Thiruchanda Virutham, Thirumalai, Thirupalliyezuchi, Amalanathipiran and Kanninum siru thambu.    At  Thiruvallikkeni it ie “Aeni Kannan thirukolam”   - at    Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple, it was uniquely Sri Rama Krishna Srinivasa thirukolam.  There is an image of the same thirukolam on the walls of temple too !!  


ಪಲ್ಲವಿ  || ಪಿಳ್ಳಂಗೋವಿಯ ಚೆಲುವ ಕೃಷ್ಣನ ಎಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿದಿರಿ...  ರಂಗನಾ ಎಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿದಿರಿ? 

Pillangoviya Cheluva Krishnana Elli NODidiri?

Ranganaa elli nODidiri rangana elli nODidiri 

nandagOpana mandiragaLa sandugondinali canda candada gOpa bAlara vrndA vrnadadali

sundarAngada sundariyara hindu mundinali andadAkaLa kanda karugaLa manda mandeyali


Where have you seen the beautiful Krishna playing with flute? Where have you seen Ranga (another name for Sri Krishna).  Maya Kannan may not be visible for our eyes and may not be in sight .. .. wise people realize that with lots of devotion, One can see Lord Krishna, Everywhere !!  

The keerthana here “Pillangoviya Cheluva Krishnana Elli NODidiri?” –  was written by Purandhara dhasar.  Purandhara dasa, a follower of Madhwacharya lived in 15th century and composed many keerthanas, widely referred as Pitamaha of Carnatic music in Kannada and considered incarnation of Saint Naradha.  

Born as Srinivasa nayaka, he was a wealthy merchant of gold, silver and jewellry but  gave away all his material riches to become a Haridasa,  a devotional singer who made the difficult Sanskrit tenets of Bhagavata Purana available to everyone in simple and melodious songs.   He formulated the basic lessons of teaching Carnatic music by structuring graded exercises known as Svaravalis and Alankaras, he introduced the raga Mayamalavagowla as the first scale to be learnt by beginners in the field – a practice that is still followed today.  Purandara Dasa is noted for composing Dasa Sahithya.  

Here are some photos of the most beautiful sarruppadi of Chenna Kesava Perumal as “Sri Rama Krishna Srinivasar”

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar

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