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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Mandolin U Rajesh - மருகேலரா ஓ ராகவா!

 மருகே³லரா ஓ ராக⁴வா!

மருகே³ல - சரா சர ரூப !    பராத்பர ஸூர்ய ஸுதா⁴கர லோசன

మరుగేలరా ఓ రాఘవా!

మరుగేల - చరా చర రూప !  పరాత్పర సూర్య సుధాకర లోచన

At Thiruvallikkeni Peyazhwar sannathi – Margazhi Isai kondattam – this evening Sri U Rajesh mesmerized audience with his rendition.  He was accompanied by Ramakrishnan on Mridungam and Sri Sowmyanarayanan in Gadam.  Here is a small clip:  .. this vizha is oranised by Chandra Sekhara media.


famous Thiyagaraja keerthana – marugelara !   In this keerthana, Tyagayaa continues his quest for Rama. Here, he searches hard within himself and finds a slightly different answer to the question, "Where is Rama?"  In this  beautiful popular keerthana, Thiyagaiyar asks Rama to come before him. He says O Rama, why are you concealing yourself? Lord is concealed with a screen called maya. Only the lord can remove the screen.


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