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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Divyadesa Yatra - worshipping Emperuman

One may wonder where one can have darshan of this beautiful Thiruvengadamudaiyan .. .. !!


We go to Temples daily and worship Emperuman – frequently we visit other Divyadesams and other important places where there are glorious ancient temples of our Emperuman and some newly built Temples too .. .. we travel by Car, vans, Bus, train and air too ! – with our families, with groups of devotees and more .. .. this morning met a couple of Srivaishnavaites who have embarked on Emperuman yatra visiting many places – and .. .. .. they are different ! 

மாறிமாறிப் பலபிறப்பும் பிறந்து அடியை அடைந்து  உள்ளம் தேறி*

The aim of life is to reach Him by serving Him and those who do kainkaryam to Him. Srivaishnavaite way of life is singing paeans, chanting divyaprabandham, doing service and having darshan at His various abodes 

சரித்திரம் பலப்பல சாம்ராஜ்யங்களையும், நதிகளின் தீரத்திலே நாகரகங்களையும் கண்டுள்ளது. நம் போன்ற ஸ்ரீவைணவர்களுக்கு பல்வேறு க்ஷேத்திரங்களுக்கு சென்று  ஸ்ரீமன் நாராயணனை சேவித்து, கைங்கர்யங்கள் செய்து, அவன் புகழ் பாடி திளைப்பதே பேரின்பம்.  

Swami Nammalwar prays to that God on bird Garuda – clouds of dust being raised,  the bad Asuras being chased out ..  through living countless cycles of birth and death, having found the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana,  Azhwar prays Lord not to part with him anymore, as submission to Him consoles heart and imbues endless joy.  

மாறிமாறிப் பலபிறப்பும் பிறந்து அடியை அடைந்து  உள்ளம் தேறி*

ஈறிலின்பத்து  திருவெள்ளம் யான்மூழ்கினன்,

பாறிப்பாறி  அசுரர்தம் பல்குழாங்கள் நீறெழபாய்பறவை ஒன்று ஏறி*

வீற்றிருந்தாய்  உன்னையென்னுள் நீக்கேலெந்தாய் 

The aim of life is to reach Him by serving Him and those who do kainkaryam to Him.  Srivaishnavaite way of life is singing paeans, chanting divyaprabandham, doing service and having darshan at His various abodes.  For us, Kovil Thirumalai Perumal Kovil would mean the divyadesams of ‘Thiruvarangam, Tirumala Thirupathi and Thirukachi’.  When we think of temples, the one at Thiruvallikkeni and other divyadesams – its tall gopurams, the divine Vimanas and the most merciful Moolava vigrahams and blemishless Uthsava vigrahams come readily to mind.  There are more ~those sung by Alwars being 108 Sri Vaishnava divyadesams and the centuries old temples associated with our Acharyars being ‘Abimana sthalams’.     

Life is blissful for us living at Divyadesangal and at other places associated with Acaryas and Azhwargal.  We have darshan of Emperuman at Temple and on all important days, Perumal comes out giving us darshan and blessing us during His thiruveethi purappadu.  Today, at Thiruvallikkeni – it was  Gandhapodi vasantham,  and after mangalasasanam inside the thirukovil, Sri Peyazhwar had purappadu back to his sannathi via South Mada street and we had the fortune of worshipping.  

              It perhaps is the ultimate dream of a Srivaishnavaite – darshan at the most holy Sri Badrinath, Sri Mukthinath, Ayodhya, Mathura, Thirumala, Thiruvarangam, Thirukachi and more.   It is not easy even in the modern World.    

In those golden days when Swami Emperumanar walked on the streets of Thiruvarangam and other Divyadesams – tens of thousands of his disciples and hundreds of Jeeyars followed him hailing “Ramanujo Vijayathe – Yathiraja Rajaha”  Our Acaryar ‘Yathirajar’ traversed long way reached  Saligrama, then to Thondanoor where he ordained King Bittideva into Srivainava path ~ he inspired the locals to building an earthern dam ‘Thonnur aeri’ also known as ‘Moti talab’ – and stayed at Thirunarayanapuram (Melukote) for 12 long years.  Swami Emperumanar travelled to Kachmeeram, PUshkar, and many other places .. .. and everywhere we can still find Him being worshipped and revered. 

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is the leading light and is doing wondrous service to our Sampradhayam and to humanity.  Swami has inculcated the sampradhyic following and has thousands of sishyas – Sri Gattu Rangamurthi and his wife are perhaps among the special ones


This couple hailing from Telengana are on Divyadesa yatra – and in a special manner.  They have beautifully converted a Tempo traveller van into abode of Lord with purpose made Pooja room (Kovilazhwar style) having Thiruvengadumudaiyan, Swami Nammalwar, Chakkarathazhwar and they travel along with their Swami to many places.  They intend travelling to all 106 divyadesams and other important places associated with Swami Ramanujar and would return for "Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdhi Mahothsav" in Ramanagaram, Hyderabad by February 2022 first week to seek completion Blessings.  

This morning their van was in Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam as they worshipped at Sri Parthasarathi Swami thirukkovil and had the blessings of Emperuman Venkatakrishnan, Sri Ranganathar, Sri Ramar, Sri Vedavalli sametha Mannathar, Sri Yoga Narasimhar / Thelliyasingar and Azhwar / Acaryas.  

Here are some photos of the beautiful temple (tempo traveller) and the divine couple.  Sri Gattu Rangamurthi can be contacted at 94440892007.

adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
Mamandur Veeravalli Srinivasan Sampathkumar



  2. Beautiful experience. Thank you so much. Sreemathe ramanujaya namaha