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Monday, March 30, 2020

Velli Yanai Vahanam - Sree Rama Navami 2014

Covid-19 has enforced us to be at home – no movement – but loads of time – empty mind.  This gives us opportunity to pray our Emperuman, chant divyaprabandha, talk to your family and do all the good things that you wanted to do.  Today 30.3.2020 is Sri Ramanavami day 6 – and there would have been grand purappadu of Lord Sri Rama in silver yanai vahanam. 

Gleaning my archives found that this particular one readied in Apr 2014, has remained in draft and was not posted – sharing with pleasure some photos of Sree Rama Navami uthsavam of 2014 as made at that time. 


For us the supreme sacred are the Vedas and Ithihasa puranas …. Sri Ramayana is about the greatest Maryadha Purush – Sri Rama, mere chanting of the name would provide everything to us all - ~ he is the greatest benefactor ~ the  perfect Man of Valour  ~ the greatest epitome of all virtues-  Lord Sree Rama.  

Today, 5th April 2014 -  is the 6th day of  Sri Rama Navam9i Uthsavam  and at Thiruvallikkeni, the majestic Rama had purappadu astride the shining silver elephant (Yanai vahanam)

The Great Emperor grew up as four brothers – Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Baratha, Sathrugnan – learning all the princely arts. Even as the ocean smiled upon by the silvery orb of the moon swells in joyous strength, the divine  children grow in grace and beauty, strength and learning. Rama and Lakshmana excelled in archery and all the arts of war. The fame of Rama attracted  sage Vishvamitra who prayed Dasharatha to send Rama with him to guard his sacrificial  fire from pollution by the evil Rakshasas.

The lion-chested, thick-shouldered Princess even in His early days is described as possessing knee-length arms and His long bow being subjugator of enemies.  Sri Rama is the the champion of his own self-righteousness and also champions for adherent's welfare in the same righteousness; He is a great scholar at the same time an expert in dhanur Veda, the Art of Archery.

At Thiruvallikkeni atop the silver elephant, it was Sree Rama’s radiance that dazzled and Rama possessing the bow and arrow with serene smile offered great darshan to devotees.  Here are some photos taken during the purappadu whence ‘Periya Thiruvanthathi’ was rendered.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.
PS : prepared earlier and now posted on 30.3.2020

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