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Saturday, August 3, 2019

worshipping Lord of Seven Hills - Thiruvengadamudaiyan : குன்றமேந்தி குளிர் மழை காத்தவன்

The holy Thirumala attracts us ~ and we yearn to go to the Seven Hills and have darshan of Thiruvengadamudaiyan again and again HE is everywhere !

எம்பெருமான் உறையும் இடமான  திருமலைதான் நமக்கும் பரம ப்ராப்யம்; அது நமக்கு எல்லா சிறந்த பலன்களையும் அளிக்க வல்லது.   குளிர்ந்தபெருமழையை தடுத்தவனும் உலகங்களையளந்த பிரபுவுமாகிய எம்பெருமான் ஸ்ரீமன் நாரணன் வந்து சேர்ந்தவிடமான திருமலையொன்றை மாத்திரமே நாம் வணங்கப்பெறில்,  நமது வினைகள் யாவும் பறந்து ஓடி விடும்.

Chennai’s George Town occupies a commanding place in the British history of Chennai aka Madras. The locality was first adopted by the British Powers as their base during the 1600s.  The place associated with British residents Georgetown now lies in one corner of NSC Bose road [named after Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose] – from Walltax road, it connects Beach road [Rajaji Salai] – the other corner is known as Parry’s corner with Cholamandalam EID Parry building prominently facing the road.

The ancestral Parry family comprised prosperous farmers near the Welsh market town of Welshpool and lived in some state in a large mansion called Leighton Hall. Thomas Parry (1768–1824) was a Welsh merchant who became a big businessman.  Parry became a household name in Chennai. Parry set up the EID Parry company.  Parry undertook the six-month journey around Cape of Good Hope arriving in Madras entering  as a Free Merchant, free from the controls of the East India Company.

There are so many lanes from Parrys Corner opposite to Madras High Court – one of them is Thambu Chetty Street – there are so many Pillaiyar temples and Amman temples in street corners and on the roads – this one at Thambu Chetty St attracted me .. . .. a small roadside temple dedicated to the Lord of Seven Hills – Thirupathi Balaji temple .. .. and the man’s name is Das. 

குன்றமேந்தி குளிர் மழை காத்தவன் *  அன்று ஞாலமளந்த பிரான்* பரன்
சென்று சேர் திருவேங்கடமாமலை * ஒன்றுமே தொழ நம்  வினை  ஓயுமே

the Lord the Saviour Emperuman Sriman Narayanan saved the cowherds and everyone at Govardhan by holding the hill with His little finger and the One who measured the earth with His feet, is settled in the Great Hill of Thirumala and everywhere  ~ those of us going and worshipping Him there will get rid of all bad things – the ill-effects of Karma will get destroyed in a trice. 

~ adiyen Srinivasadhasan [S. Sampathkumar]
3rd Aug 2019

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