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Friday, June 29, 2018

Sri Azhagiya Singar thiruther ~ Thirumbukal purappadu 2018

Sri Azhagiya Singar thiruther ~ Thirumbukal purappadu 2018

Today, 29th June 2018 is day 7 of Sri AzhagiyaSingar Aani  Brahmothsavam – the grand Thiruther [chariot]…..

Till the time of its acquisition by the British in 17th century, Triplicane was a shrotriam village along with adjacent village of Pudupakkam.  Its history remained surrounded by the iconic Sri Parthasarathi swami temple.  After Triplicane passed into the East India company’s hands in 1676 by a firman of Sultan of Golconda, the company leased it to its chief merchant Kasi Veeranna.  Triplicane figured prominently during the invasion of the Carnatic in 1740.  In Sept 1746, when the French Commander La Bourdannais attacked Madras, a body of French troops encamped on the east side of the temple.  In a rough sketch plan of Madras about 1746 the grand Pagoda of Triplicane, the temple tank and French embankments have all been marked writes Ranganadham Chetty in History of Triplicane book compiled in 1948.

In the latter half of 1749, Madras was finally handed over to the English.  Triplicane, thereafter became the residential  suburb of English merchants who built several garden houses along or near  the south bank of the Cooum, then called as Triplicane river. The modern day Triplicane (the temple) has four arches on each direction.  Sri Parthasarathi visits these arches on some occasions – He passes through the North arch at Nalla thambi St on Masi magam day; Southern arch – during Ekkattuthangal, Kodai Uthsava sarrumurai .. on thiruther (Sri Parthasarathi & Sri Narasimhar on 7th day evening of their respective Brahmothsavams) visit the arch on the Eastern side i.e., on beach road.

On the day of thiruther, Lord Thelliya Singar remains on the Thiruther  till evening during which time Bakthas can ascend and have darshan.  In the evening occurs the  usual ‘pathi ulavuthal’ and purappadu, after which ‘thotta thirumanjanam’ would take place.  This used to happen in the cool Vasantha Mantapam situate in Venkata Rangam Street – unfortunately, this is no longer there and thirumanjanam takes place in the Andal neeratta mantapam now a days.

In the evening occurs  ‘pathi ulavuthal’; immediately followed by  purappadu till the eastern entrance in Sunkuwar Street on the Marina beach road. One of the few occasions whence Perumal has purappadu outside the precincts of Mada veethi and Kulakkarai.   Here are some photos of the Thiru ther thirumbukal  purappadu

adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

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