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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sri Udayavar Sahasrabdi ~ Ramanuja 1000 - day 1 at Thiruvallikkeni 2017

Blessed are We, the present generation – the day of reckoning is about to come – exactly 10 days – 1st May 2017 is Thiruvathirai nakshathiram in the month of Chithirai ~ great sigifinicance for it is the birthday of our greatest Acharyar Swami Ramanujar ~ very very special for it marks the 1000th year. 

‘Ananthah sarasi dhere  Ramye  Bhoothapurivare’ – on the bank of Ananthasaras the temple pushkarini, is the temple of Sri Adhi Kesavar.   Boothapuri, better known now as Sri Perumpudur is the most divine place for us –  the place where our Greatest Acharyar “Emperumanaar, Bashyakarar” the reincarnation of Aadi Sesha and Sri Lakshmanar was born,  in the year 1017  to Kesava Somayaji and Gandhimathi couples.   Ilayavalwar as he was known at birth, Ramanujar was born in the year of grace of Pingala corresponding to year 939 of Salivahana era  and lived for a period of 120 years.   He was named Illayazhwar [denoting Lakshmana] by his uncle Srisaila Purnar foreseeing his wisdom, infinity and eternity.  

He paid his first visit to Thiruvarangam in his 25th year but could only pay homage to Acharyar Alavanthar.  He lived and taught undisturbed in Srirangam for some more decades before had to leave the place proceeding to Melukote Thirunarayanapuram.

Our Srivaishnavism hails Ubhaya Vedanta – there are philosophies restricted to having their scriptures in either Sanskrit or Tamil ~ Sri Vaishnavism has Sanskrit and dravida vedantha in equal parlance. .. .. and we have the noblest of preceptors  - Swami Ramanujar – the King of all hermits guiding us the path.   Our darsana Sthapakar, Sri Ramanujar rightly reverred as ‘Yathi Rajar’ ~ the king among yathis [hermits and sages, the greatest reformer he was, Ramanuja gave us many vedantic treatises - toured the entire Country, making the Srivaishnavatie tradition flourish in all his path.  Of those who remained closest to Sri Ramanuja – Sri  Mudaliandan, Sri Koorathazhwan, Sri Embar,  Sri Ananthazhwan, Arulalaperumal Emperumanar, Kidambi Achaan, Thirukurugai Piraan Pillan, Thiruvarangathu Amuthanar and more.  Worshipping Sri Ramanujar will cure us of all sins and can there by a better time for doing it  than now. 

**   ஸ்ரீ ராமானுஜோ விஜயதே யதிராஜ ராஜ:  **
“Sree Ramanujo Vijayathe – Yathiraja Rajaha

– the concluding lines of ‘Thadi (dhaTee) Panchakam’ – rendered by Swami Mudaliandan, which speaks of the  victory of Swami Ramanuja over other philosophies  and his establishing the Visishtadvaita philosophy that was built by Azhwars and Purvacharyas.  In those golden days when Swami Emperumanar walked on the streets of Thiruvarangam and other Divyadesams – tens of thousands of his disciples and hundreds of Jeeyars followed him hailing “Ramanujo Vijayathe – Yathiraja Rajaha” 

There exists one and only all embracing Being called Brahman or the highest Self ~ the Lord = Sriman Narayana.  He is endowed with all auspicious qualities, all pervading, all knowing, all powerful and all merciful.  His nature is fundamentally antagonistic to all evil [akhilaheya pratyanika] ~ the greatest  commentary to Badrayana’s Vedanta sutra preaches us.   

From today starts the grand Uthsavam of Acharyar Ramanujar [sahasrabdi – hailing the 1000th year] ~ 1st May 2017 is the most important day in the life of Srivaishnavas. The Sahasrabdi festivities are On at various places across the globe – at Thiruvallikkeni in the 10 day long Uthsavam, Udayavar is to be adorned with purappadu in all Periya vahanams.

Celebrate the birth of Swami Ramanujar.  Falling at the feet of Udayavar is the only way, we cleanse and lift ourselves towards higher things – the kainkaryam to Lord.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.  

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