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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Millennium Iramanusa ~ day 5 at Thiruvallikkeni 2017

The ThiruAvatharaUthsavam of the Greatest Acharyar ~ Nammiramanusar  that too Sahasrabdi – ‘Ramanuja 1000’ – is now on and today is day 4.  ‘YathiRajar’ ~ the king among yathis [hermits and sages],   travelled all the way by foot to far-flung places making the Srivaishnavatie tradition flourish in all his path.   The more one thinks and reads of him, more one is over-awed by his great qualities and knowledge.

Gadyatrayam, ‘the three prose pieces’ of Swami Bhagavad Ramanujaemphasisesbakthi and saranagati as the surest means to attain salvation.  He easily achieved the arduous task of refuting the mayavadins who denied all attributes to the Supreme and establish SrimanNarayana with the most adorable form, name, auspicious qualities, aisvarya and more.  Sri Vaikundagadyam believed to have been composed by him, when he was in Melkote, reveals his yearning to reach the Lord and serve Him. 

Today, 25th Apr 2017 , Sri Ramanujar had purappadu in Thanga  pallakku this morning. Here are some photos taken this morning.   

adiyen Srinivasadhasan

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