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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sri Andal Thiruvadipooram Purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni

There are days of happiness brought about by our submission to devotion and today  9th Aug 2013  was one, being  Thiruvadipooram [Puram Nakshathiram in the month of Aadi] – a most blessed day for all Srivaishnavaites – marking  the birth of Kothai Piratti [Andal]. 

Sri Andal through her sublime devotion showed us all the easy path of reaching Him.  Here are photos of Thiruvadipura purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam whence Sri Andal was seated alongside Sri Parthasarathi.  The first photo is that of Andal and Sri Parthasarathi in open palanquin seated facing each other ~ on Sankranthi day… today it was Andal sitting alongside Sri Parthasarathi

Sri Andal Thiruvadigale saranam…

Adiyen – Srinivasa dhasan.

purappadu on Sankranthi day..

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