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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thiruvengadamudayan Purappadu at Holy Tirumala

Thirumala Thirupathi, the name itself is divine. Thiruvengadam, the abode of Lord Balaji would ever remain as the ‘Thilakam’ the shining glory of the whole Earth.  All that we need to do is to pray towards the Greatest Lord of Universe from wherever we are, think of HIM always and do good to humanity in Thy Name

For Sri Vaishnavaites, the word Kovil, Thirumalai, Perumal Kovil would refer to “Sri Rangam, Thirumala Tirupathi and Kanchipuram” respectively. The sacred and most reverred temple of Sri Venkateswara is located on the seventh peak – Venkatachala hill of Tirumala.  The Lord stands tall as bestower of all boons and lakhs of people reach here to have a glimpse – a few seconds darshan of the Lord.  This beautiful temple in its present form owes a lot to the works of the greatest Vaishnava Acharya – Sri Ramanujar. 

Had the great fortune of attending the 959th  Avathara Uthsavam of Thirumalai Ananthazhwaar – a full day rendition of Swami Nammalwar’s Thiruvaimozhi and other pasurams sung by other Azhwars on Tirupathi Perumal.  More details of this festivity later. 

Now a days, you have all the facilities, the roads are well laid,  transportation is at its best as there are buses at almost every 5 minutes from the foothill to the top – private vehicles are allowed to be driven to the top – you can go in a two wheeler, car, van, jeep, bus and more.  In olden days, people used to climb the hill afoot which was arduous.  Sri Udayavar (Ramanujacharya) used to climb the hill on his knees reverring the sacredness of the hill itself.  One would have visited the most sacred and reverred Thirumala many a times in life – but our wish to have more darshan of HIM would remain unsatiated.   A few seconds of His darshan and chanting His name ‘Govinda, Govindha’ – makes us feel so happy as we  feel extremely satisfied and blessed with His darshan. Felt extremely blessed to have darshan of Lord Srinivasa on Sunday 3rd March 2013.

To quote the glorious words of Kulasekara Azhwar in his ‘Perumal Thirumozhi”
ஊனேறு செல்வத் துடற்பிறவி யான்வேண்டேன்*
ஆனேறேழ் வென்றானடிமைத் திறமல்லால்*
கூனேறு சங்க மிடத்தான் தன் வேங்கடத்து*
கோனேரி வாழும் குருகாய்ப் பிறப்பேனே*

In this earthly World, where one considers the birth of human as the best – Azhwar prays that if at all, one were to get a birth even as an animal, still he would feel happier, if it were to be a life in the holy hills of Thirumala; Azhwar prays for a birth of a Stork / a bird living on the banks of the Swami Pushkarini, known as ‘Holy Koneri’; that exhibits the exemplary spirit of Azhwar in doing service to the Lord in whatever manner, wishing to be closest to His divine place. 

Here are some photos taken during the purappadu of Lord Srinivasa at Thirumala Tirupathi.

Adiyen – Srinivasa dhasan.

10th March 2013.


  1. Brilliant post and great photos of Venkadavan - Sankari

  2. go to thirumala and fall at the feet of Sri Balaji - all sins would vanish - Rajarao