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Monday, November 14, 2022

Thiruvallikkeni divine youths - பன்னிரண்டு திருமண் தரிக்கும் முறை !!

 பன்னிரண்டு திருமண் தரிக்கும் முறை !! 

Today is Children’s Day (14.11.2022) .. .. in TV saw a program where they debated that modern day kids are glued to smartphones and are not  playing outside 

Triplicane is always amazing! – and there are divine kids !  here is  a Srivaishnava kid Ashwath Sarathi  who  has varied interest – is 10 years young only – studying 5th standard in school,  does play games, more importantly spends quality time on arulicheyal [divyaprabantha goshti] – here is he along with Srihari and Sri Krishna waxing eloquence on how to wear Urthapundram [12 thiruman properly]  and .. 

 Triplicane is such a famed land, that what impress me and most others – may just be a casual thing for some – as such things occur at their homes too.  It is their upbringing as his father Arvind too is involved in kainkaryam – a devoted Sripatham thangi ! 

Mystic Thiruvallikkeni beckons divinity.  Hats off to such kids and their parents.: 

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