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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Celebrating the birth of Sri Rama ~ Sree Rama Navami 2018

Celebrating the birth of Sri Rama ~ Sree Rama Navami 2018

 அங்கணெடு மதிள்புடைசூழ் அயோத்தியென்னும் அணிநகரத்து                                   உலகு அனைத்தும் விளக்கும் சோதி*

Today (25th Mar 2018)  is the holy day of Sree Rama Navami – the day on which Lord Sri Ramachandramurthy,  the supreme avatar of Maryada Purush  was born in the blessed land of Ayodhya.  Lord Rama descended on earth for the purpose of upholding righteousness and rewarding virtue.

Sage Valmiki,  -   the most eloquent of men enquired Sri Narada –  ‘Who is there in the World today, endowed with excellent & heroic qualities, versed in all duties of life, truthful, trustworthy, firm in his vows, benevolent,   learned, handsome, patient,   free from envy & when excited to wrath can strike terror  into the hearts of celestial beings ? ~  and Sage responded thus :

इक्ष्वाकुवंशप्रभवो *  रामो नाम जनैः श्रुतः ।
नियतात्मा महावीर्यो  *  द्युतिमान्धृतिमान् वशी ॥

There is only one by name Sri Rama, born in the lineage of Ikshwaku.  He is totally balanced, one in complete control of His words, thoughts and deeds; a man of great valour ~ a person of steadfast character and radiant countenance – Lord Sree Rama

सर्वदाऽभिगतस्सद्भिः समुद्र इव सिन्धुभिः ।
आर्यस्सर्वसमश्चैव* सदैकप्रियदर्शनः ॥
His great qualities are such that noble persons all over the World are drawn to Him like rivers finding their way to the Ocean.  He conducts himself equably all the time and he is extremely charming ! – the great Sri Rama.

Ayodhya Ammaji mandir Sri Rama

Narada muni acquainted with the past, the present and the future, pleased with the words of the Sage Valmiki, answered him saying:- ‘ Rare indeed are those, endowed with the qualities thou hath  enumerated, yet I can tell thee of such a person, born in the lineage of Ikshwaku, renowned, self-controlled, valourous, illustrious, wise, conversant with ethics, code, slayer of foes, broad shouldered, long armed, eminent in archery, noble head, of mighty prowess – known as Sri Rama.   His country, the Kosala Kingdom was replete with happiness.  The only trouble was that nobody could donate ~ for the simple reason that there were none to seek and beget things from others. People lived in such a perfect harmony that there was no fight and there was no opportunity to display valour ~ the subjects were well educated and lived life full of honour… its capital which had no wars was known as ‘Ayodhya’

His birth was extraordinary ~ His father was Emperor Dasaratha – who was well-versed in Veda, was  a gatherer of all scholars, riches and forces as well, a foreseer; esteemed by urbanites and countrymen alike, a top-speeded chariot-warrior among the emperors of Ikshwaku kings, one who performed many Vedic rituals, a virtuous one, a great controller, a saint-like kingly sage,  who was equal to  Indra.  Sriman Narayana,  with all His kindness agreed to incarnate as human and selected King Dasharatha as his father. When Dasharatha  peformed  the Vedic ritual called putrakaameshti,  Praajaapatya purusha arose from the sacrificial fire to give a golden vessel of divine dessert to Dasharatha for distribution among his queens to beget progeny.

The Greatest of Ithihasa purana ‘Sri Ramayanam’  is the undiluted history of the Greatest Person who descended on this Universe, on the banks of river Sarayu, in a prosperous country called ‘Koshala’.  In the immortal Ramayana, there are learning of life ….. For the Universe, Sri Rama and Sita are the Ideal persons.  Sri Rama is all pervading principle of Truth, character, steadfastness, sincerity, valour, skill, correctness, just, compassionate, righteous and more.  

~ and there is also a great character – a warrior, mightily powerful, whose body was as hard as a diamond, whose speed equalled those of fastest flying eagles, who possessed great wisdom, who could organize a group of roaming ones, who can jump hundreds of miles, yet who remained at the feet of his Master, totally committed thinking of their welfare alone – unassuming, yet capable of telling the right things at the right moment – that is Pavana Puthra Hanuman – Aanjaneya, ‘thiruvadi’ – bearer of Lord Rama – who carried Rama on his shoulders during the war in which the demon was killed.

On this day of Sri Rama Navami, there will the purappadu of Sri Rama in Hanumantha vahanam later in the evening.  Mere chanting of His name [Sri Rama Namam] will bring us all good things and prosperity.

राम रामेति रामेति रमे रामे मनोरमे ।
सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं रामनाम वरानने ॥

 Meditate again and again the divine name of Rama  - mind gets absorbed in the divine consciousness of Rama, it is transcendental and is capable of relieving all evils, giving us all prosperity.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

PS :  photo at the start  : Sri Rama at Ammaji Mandhir, Thiru Ayodhya, also known as Saket – photo credit : MA Madhusudhanan.

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