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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Vaikunda Ekadasi - Andal Neeratta Uthsavam day 4 : 08012017

The divine month of Margazhi gets added significance with Adhyayana Uthsavam ~ and today is ‘Vaikunda Ekadasi’ –  Namperumal comes through Paramapada vasal heralding the start of Irapathu uthsavam. Sriman Narayana is Supreme – one cannot assign a certain place or time – He has many forms, boundless as the sky, limitless as the droplets of Oceans.  The Sarva Vya:pi who pervades everywhere is seen us by in Archavathara form; we get His benign blessings by visiting Divyadesams and doing kainkaryams to Him. 

Today, besides Vaikunda Ekadasi – it is day 4 Andal Neeratta Uthsavam – of the sacred Nalayaira Divyaprabandham, perhaps the simplest and known to most could well be ‘Thiruppavai’ – the 30 beautiful songs of Andal.  This rendering of Goda Devi is recited in temples and at home – and has more centric focus during margazhi.  Over the centuries, our reverred AchAryas have provided us with several authentic  interpretations on the inner meaning of these beautiful thirty verses. Sri Andal urges people to take bath early, praise the glory and merciful qualities of  Lord Krishna and fall at His lotus feet.   Andal totally immersed in bakthi, robustly enjoys Him: after binding Him with garlands that she had first worn.

At Thiruvallikkeni, there were thousands waiting to have darshan of Sri Venkata Krishnan in Muthangi and pass through paramapada vasal – those waiting outside the queue too got the blessing of Sri Goda devi – here are some photos of Neeratta Uthsavam this morning.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

8th Jan 2017.

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