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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thiruvallikkeni Pagalpathu day 4 (2017): Sri Chakravarthi Thirumagan Thirukolam

For a Srivaishnavaite,  Kainkaryam (Service) to Emperuman Sriman Narayana is the foremost – we have the rich lineage of Azhwars and Acharyas, who have by their deeds, words and instructions guide us correctly to the divine feet of Lord.

Day 1 of 2017 –  is 4th day of Pagal Pathu.  In general,  people get excited about Vaikunda Ekadasi and ‘Paramapada  Vasal’ ……… they are part of the Adhyayana Uthsavam beginning with Pagal Pathu, Irapathu – concluding with Thiruvadi Thozhuthal and Iyarpa Sarrumurai. Thirumangai Mannan, incidentally last among the Azhwargal, reformed by causeless mercy of Emperuman, arrived at Thiruvarangam, did great kainkaryam, worshipped many Archavathara Emperumans, rendered his Thirunedunthandagam at Srirangam before Numperumal.   Legend has it that this Uthsavam hailing the significance of ‘Thiruvaimozhi’ of Nammazhwar, known as ‘Thiruvaimozhi Thirunaal’ was initiated by Kaliyan [Thirumangai Mannan], rejuvenated by our Acharyar  Nathamunigal, fortified by Sri Manavala Mamunigal.  The Pagal pathu uthsavam is now on at Sri Vaishnava Divyadesams.

Today, (day 4) it was Perumal Thirumozhi of Sri Kulasekara Alwar hailing the birth and greatness of Sri Rama.   Uthsavar Sri Parthasarathi had sarruppadi [alankaram] as Chakravarthi Thirumagan `~  Sri Rama, son of Emperor Dasaratha.  Devotees can have darshan of Sri Venkata Krishnan [Moolavar] from 3rd Jan 2017 – day 6 of Pagal Pathu Uthsavam, whence the Sthala pasuram “Virperu Vizhavum” will be rendered.

Here is a photo of ‘Chakravarthi Thirumagan Thirukolam’ (photo scanned from devasthana pathrikai) and photo of Sri Parthasarathi perumal taken in purappadu on an earlier occasion.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan

1st Jan 2017.

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