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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sri Manvala Mamunigal Uthsavam 2015 - day 9 - siriya thiruther

The eternal place of bliss – the abode of Lord Ranganatha – Thiruvarangam is ‘Periya Kovil’ for devout Srivaishnavaites.   For us everything associated with the reclining Lord Ranganatha is ‘Periya’ (the Big  ~ nonpareil)  ~ the Lord here is Periya Perumal; his consort is Periya Pirattiyar;  the holy bathing [Thirumanjanam] in the month of Aani is ‘Periya Thirumanjanam’ ……….. the Acharyar known as ‘Periya Jeeyar’ is our Swami Manavala Mamunigal who spent a major portion of his life at Thiruvarangam serving the Lord.

It is said that Manavala mamuni's devotion to Nammalvar, Ramanuja and to his own Acharya grew as he studied the Alvar's hymns and rahasyas at Alvar Thirunagari.  Sri  Manavala mamunigal’s first work  is “Yatiraja Vimsati”  twenty sanskrit slogas  in praise of  Sri Ramanuja.  Upon reading this, Tiruvaimozhip pillai gave him the title Yateendra Pravanar.

The continuous rains have brought more water to all waterbodies in the city and Kairavini Pushkarini has also reached copious inflow – though not exactly brimming.

Today 14th Nov 2015 is day 9 of Mamunigal Uthsavam ~ there was some respite from rains but due to some unfortunate circumstance elsewhere, there could not be periya mada veethi purappadu and hence no Thiruther.  Mamunigal had purappadu in Tholukku Iniyan.  Recall that in 2012, it rained and there was no thiruther purappadu. In 2013,  there could not be purappadu in  ‘Siriya Thiruther’ – due to bad road conditions.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

14th Nov 2105.

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