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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thiruvallikkeni - Iraapathu Uthsavam 9 : 1st Jan 2013

Thiruvallikkeni - Iraapathu Uthsavam 9 :  1st Jan 2013  
திருவல்லிக்கேணி இராப்பத்து  உத்சவம் 9

Today being the 1st day of Jan 2013, Triplicanites had reasons to celebrate.  It was day 9  of Irapathu uthsavam at Thiruvallikkeni.  Lord Krishna even during His childhood days exhibited magical qualities and showed that He is the Supreme Power; still he mingled with cowherds and all other folks treating all as equals ~ such is the great quality of Lord Krishna, that He was accessible to all around. 
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He was born in Mathura, brought up in Gokulam, played in Vrindavan and surroundings and thus many of His Leelas were in and around these areas ~ ‘lifting of the Govardhana Giri’ is a very important event.  The greatness of the hills of Govardhan is appreciated by Periyazhwar in 10 hymns

கடல்வாய்ச்  சென்று மேகம் கவிழ்ந்திறங்கிக் கதுவாய்ப் படநீர் முகந்தேறி எங்கும்
குடவாய்ப் படநின் று மழை பொழியும் கோவர்த் தனமென்னும் கொற்றக் குடையே.
~ Azhwar speaks of the abundance of rain at Govardhan from those clouds which descend to take water from the ocean and pour them over the hills. 

One of the annual celebrations of the cowherds was feasting where Indra was worshipped; as it was not forthcoming, Indra got wild and rained hailstones.  The cowherds ran to their natural protector Lord Krishna, who held aloft the Govardhana mountain with his finger and ensured protection of all the people.  Thirumangai Mannan says, that it is this Krishna who is before us at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam.
இந்திரனுக்கென் றாயர்களெடுத்த எழில் விழவில்பழ நடைசெய்,
மந்திர விதியில் பூசனை பெறாது மழை பொழிந்திடத் தளர்ந்து, ஆயர்
எந்தம்மோடினவாநிரை தள ராமல் எம்பெருமானருளென்ன,
அந்தமில் வரையால் மழைதடுத்தானைத்  திருவல்லிக்கேணிக்கண் டேனே.

On day 9, Lord Parthasarathi was bedressed beautifully portraying the lifting of ‘Govardhana Giri’ and it was wonderful darshan to behold.  Here are some photos taken during today’s purappadu

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan. 

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