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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Dear (s)

Here is the link to the issue : -  BLISS 012010

We have been celebrating Child Fest for nearly 2 decades now. The idea to do something to school students in making them develop competitive spirit and awareness made us initiate this. This has grown over the years and we have more than 100 schools participating with individual numbers going above 3000. Childfest has become an event wide talked about and winning prize in the competition certainly makes news in the school circle, promptly reported in their school magazines.

We have an exclusive event sponsor “Gold winner” this time. The Fete is on 6th & 7th of February and the venue is “The NKT National Girls High School” Dr Besant Road, Chennai, Triplicane, Chennai – 5. The invitation and details are available on page 3. All are cordially invited to attend. SYMA Members are requested to volunteer themselves for smooth conduct of the event.

This issue also contains something on :

• IPL Auction by Richard Madley.
• Derecognition of deemed Universitites and Delhi High Court introducing e court rooms.
• Some misconceptions on the Himalayan glacier melting
• Most of us have enjoyed playing cricket in the marina beach but by a stroke of a rule, Govt has banned play there. An article on cricket at Marina.
• January saw salaried individuals burdened with more tax with tax on benefits but a body generating so much of revenue tries to evade tax by taking cover under ‘ charitable activity’.
• Our monthly Q this time is about a Nobel laureate, nay not on DR Venkatraman Ramakrishnan but of somebody whom India could boast of as the first. Who was he ? What was the field of activity ?
• The Bhopal gas disaster was a catastrophe from which many are yet to come out but here in Chennai, the company which has so far not provided rightful compensation sponsored an cultural event. Some details of this.

All this more in our issue. As usual look forward to your feedback

With regards
S Sampathkumar (Editor – BLISS)

PS: For those of you new, SYMA is a social service organization of more than 3 decades of existence. BLISS is the voice of SYMA and yours truly has been the Editor since inception for more than 6 years now.

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