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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

விஜய தசமி பார்வேட்டை புறப்பாடு

Vijayadasami, the concluding day of Navarathri is considered very auspicious. During Navarathri, Sakthi is invoked in difference incarnations. At Vaishnavaite homes, special pooja to Saraswathi is done by placing all the books, education material and other items before the idol and Divine blessings are sought.

The books so kept before Goddess Saraswathi are taken after ‘punar pooja’ and this day is considered very auspicious to begin new ventures – be it business or education. Toddlers are taught their first alphabet and some are admitted to school on this day.

Vijayadasami has many significance going by legends and mythology. In many places, it is the beginning of harvest season and Mother Earth is revered. It is believed that in Treta Yuga, Rama killed Ravana on this day. This is the day of killing of demon by Mahisasura Marthini.

 In Sri Parthasarathi Swami temple and in many other temples, it is day of ‘Parvettai’ when the Lord is taken on procession doing ‘vettai’. The Lord would aim his arrows at vanni tree. I remember that in my young days, Lord Parthar on kuthirai vahanam would go to ‘Vasantha Bungalow’ where parvettai would be performed – then he would visit Bandala Venugopala St., TP Koil Second lane and come through TP Koil St on National Girls’ High school side.

Perhaps this purappadu signifies the Agnatha vasam in Maha baratham. In the Virata parva, Arjuna caches his weapons in a vanni tree and when the incognito duration is over, Vijaya retrieves his hidden arms from the tree and starts practicing which eventually helps in his success in the war.   Yesterday, Sri Parthar in his resplendent splendour was taken on kuthirai vahanam. As he no longer visits Vasantha Bungalow in Venkatrangam Street, the vanni mara parvettai was performed at the entrance of the temple. Then was the glorious oorgola purappadu with stothra padal ghosthi.

Here are some snaps of the Perumal taken on Vijayadasami.

Anbudan – S.  Sampathkumar.


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