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Friday, January 7, 2022

Chennapatnam Koil getting bedecked for Vaikunda Ekadasi 2022 but !!


For every Srivaishnavaite – Adhyayana uthsavam is extremely significant as it offers golden opportunity of worshipping Emperuman, offering arulicheyal and more . 


Today  is day 5 of Pagal pathu uthsavam – muthal ayiram sarrumurai.   13th Jan 2022 the auspicious day of Bhogi is ‘Vaikunda Ekadasi’ – first day of Irapathu uthsavam.


Here is Chennapatnam Sri Kesava Perumal Koil getting bedecked .. .. but – sadly, devotees cannot have darshan of Emperuman on 5, 6 & 7th day of Pagal pathu – and the night curfew  makes it that devotees will not be allowed inside the Temple when the Paramapada vassal opens .. !!


You cannot blame Corona, nor those regulators – only Pray EMPERUMAN that all these ends and World returns to its normalcy – a happy place for EVERYONE.

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