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Friday, October 19, 2018

Crow's nest atop boat mast.......'வங்கத்தின் கூம்பேறும் மாப்பறவை'

Kulasekara Azhwar was a King who renounced things in his passionate zeal to serve the Lord Rama.  His Perumal Thirumozhi is a glorious collection wherein he  excels with analogies.  The 5th of his, ‘Tharuthuyram Thadayael’ – are  those hymns in praise of Lord at Thiruvithuvakodu.  In this pathigam, Azhwar explains the concept known as ‘Ananyarha Seshathvam’ i.e., total servitude to the Lord Himself and none else.  The Jivathma that has fallen in the earth, is the property of Paramathma and has to serve Sriman Narayanan and Him Only.  

One of the hymns is reproduced here :
வெங்கண்திண் களிறடர்த்தாய் விற்றுவக்கோட் டம்மானே
எங்குப்போயுய்கேனுன்னிணையடியே யடையலல்லால்
எங்கும்போய்க் கரைகாணா தெறிகடல்வாய் மீண்டேயும்
வங்கத்தின் கூம்பேறும் மாப்பறவை போன்றேனே

 Azhwar praises the Lord at Vithuvakkode [addressing Him Vithuvakkottamma] ~ the one who killed the furious and powerful elephant called ‘kuvalayapeedam’ and says that His Lotus feet is the only destination.  Azhwar compares the listlessness of a small bird which sits on the mast-head of the ship; in the mighty ocean, it tries to fly but could not find the path or destination and after a brief while comes back to the same mast-head, not knowing where to go !

Away, there is the nautical term called ‘crow’s nest’…..  read this newsitem in Daily Mail UK [17th April 13] to which I could relate ‘வங்கத்தின் கூம்பேறும் மாப்பறவை

It hardly looks like the most comfortable of places to build a home, but two crows decided to build their nest on top of a yacht's mast. The pair of feathered home-makers obviously took the nautical term quite literally when they decided to make good use of the 'crow's nest' of a vessel moored at Aberystwyth harbour, in mid-Wales. Staff at the marina said it is the first time they have seen an actual crow's nest built on the top of a yacht's mast. The crows are understood to have built the nest about two weeks ago, but have only just started sitting in it this week indicating the possibility of eggs. As it looks to be a breeding pair, the crows may not yet number enough to be described by their collective name of 'a murder of crows' but should the eggs hatch, the yacht could quickly become an aviary.

Bird's-eye view: Staff at Aberystwyth marina have said it is the first time they have seen an actual crow's nest built on the top of a yacht's mast.  The yacht in question is the 'Scorpio', which belongs to Tal-y-bont couple Mick and Jenny Fothergill.  The couple suffered from the devastating effects of last June's flooding and as a result haven't used their yacht because they have been tied up with repairs at their home. Russell Jones, from RSPB Ynys-hir nature reserve near Machynlleth, said: 'This is a very unusual nesting site in such an open location. Crows usually nest in trees and bushes which give them some cover and protection. 'Although this site is high enough away from predators, another reason for choosing this spot could be because of easy access to food sources.

Crow’s Nest : A crow's nest in a ship is built in the upper part of the main mast and is used as a lookout point as it provides the best view of approaching land, other ships or approaching hazards. Early versions consisted of merely a barrel or a basket attached to the tallest mast, but they later became specially designed platforms, including protective railings. According to naval legend, the term originated in the practice of Viking sailors who carried crows or ravens in a cage at the top of the mast which would be released during times of poor visibility. The ship would then follow the crow as it would usually head towards the nearest land.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.
23rd April 2013.

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