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Friday, May 6, 2016

Udayavar Uthsavam @ Thiruvallikkeni ~ day 6 Evening purappadu & Mangalasasanam 2016

The birth of our matchless Acharyar Swami Udayavar is celebrated in grand manner and at Thiruvallikkeni, it is a 10 day Uthsavam with purappadus in the morning and evening as well…. then there are also Thirumanjanam, Thiruppavai sarrumurai,  Mangalasasanam, Thiruvaimozhi sarrumurai and Sri Ramanujar would take rest in the kannadi arai.  This year the uthavam coincides with Sri Parthasarathi vidayarri. 

It was re-enactment of Swami Ramanujar’s entourage to Melukote under compelling situation, and further yatra to Delhi in bringing back Sri Ramapriyan to Thirunarayanapuram – I had posted in detail of the significance of vellai sarruppadi.  In the evening had the fortune of worshipping during Udayavar mangalasasanam at all sannathis inside the temple and then the evening purappadu in Mangalagiri. 

இராமானுசனை அடைந்த பின்  என் வாக்குரையாது;
என் மனம் நினையாது, இனி மற்று ஒன்னையே!

To conclude with the words of Thiruvarangathu Amuthanar – once we think of and get closer to the feet of Acharyar Ramanujar, there will not be words about anything else, mind will not think of anything else than Swami Emperumanaar.

Here are some photos taken during evening purappadu.
Adiyen Srinivasadhasan

6th may 2016.

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