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Monday, April 25, 2016

Sun ~ Surya Prabhai : ‘இரவியின் கதிர்கள் நுழைதல் செய்து அறியா திருவல்லிக்கேணி”: 2016

Without the Sun, the Earth would be no more than a frozen rock stranded in space. The Sun warms the Earth and makes life possible. It’s energy generates clouds, cleanses our water, produces plants, keeps animals and humans warm, and drives ocean currents and thunderstorms. Despite the Sun’s importance,  until a few decades ago,  astronomers and Earth scientists did not even have accurate data on the total amount of energy from the Sun that reaches the Earth’s outermost atmosphere.

Our ancient scriptures have always held Sun and its rays of prime importance.   Adiyta (Sanskrit) means  "of Aditi", referring  to the offspring of Aditi. Scientifically, the Sun  is a star, a hot ball of glowing gases at the heart of our solar system. Its influence extends far beyond the orbits of distant Neptune and Pluto. Without the sun's intense energy and heat, there would be no life on Earth. And though it is special to us, there are billions of stars like our sun scattered across the Milky Way galaxy.  The average diameter of the Sun is - : 864,000 miles, about 109 times the size of the Earth.    Virtually all life on Earth depends on the sun for energy. Although it appears constant, the total amount of energy radiated by the sun is constantly changing, on scales of seconds, to years, to centuries.

At Thiruvallikkeni, in the grand Brahmothsavam of Sri Parthasarathi  on day 4 morning it - Surya Prabhai representing the Sun chariot pulled by 7 horses.   The radiance of Sun would sure get overshadowed by the brilliance of Perumal.  Centuries ago, Thiruvallikkeni was such a pleasant garden with dense vegetation that ThirumangaiAzhwar  described it as இரவியின் கதிர்கள் நுழைதல் செய்து அறியா திருவல்லிக்கேணி” ~ the Thiruvallikkeni where the rays of Sun  have not ventured inside……today, it is a concrete jungle with so many flats, vehicles and over-crowded that there is not proper space for the Perumal purappadu – of course in tune with its older leanings, cattle still remain……

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

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