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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thirumayilai Adhi Kesava Perumal Garuda Sevai 2016

Thiruvallikkeni is part of Thondaimandalam.. associated with Pallava dynasty.  The Pallava Kings ruled regions of northern Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra Pradesh between the 2nd and 9th centuries CE.  In divyaprabandham, alongside Thiruvallikkeni, Mylapore is associated as “Mylai Thiruvallikkeni”.

I had posted on Pallava Uthsavam.  Pallavam is a period – it is the period when tender shoots spring up. At the divine feet of Lord Ranganatha, tender foliage of mango is kept. For the foodie, ‘vadu mangai’ ~ the pickle of maavadu [tender mango : tiny baby mangoes] are great favourites. With the onset of summer of these small early staged mangoes hit the market and are straightway hits. ~ there is no better place to buy them than the mada veethi of Mylapore ….as you walk nearer, there is the famous Chithirai kulam belonging to Thirumylai Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal kovil, an ancient temple of Mylapore.

It is the time of annual Brahmothsavam and today morning it was the glittering Garuda vahanam.  The speciality of this temple is the importance accorded to Sri Peyalwar in every ritual, being his birth place.  Today too, Sri Peyazhwar in Hamsa vahanam welcomed Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal in golden Garuda vahanam.  There was oyyali [Aesal too] .. here are some photos taken during the purappadu at mylai mada veethi, this morning.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

27th Mar 2016.     

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