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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thiruvallikkeni Theppam day 2 - 2016

கருங்கண் தோகை மயிற்பீலி அணிந்த; அருங்கலவுருவின் ஆயர் பெருமான்….

Today dawned differently.  As the new moon passed directly in front of the Sun during the early hours of March 9, millions of people across Indonesia and the Pacific were treated a total solar eclipse.  Chennai residents witnessed a 20% eclipse that was  visible for a span of around 27 minutes from 6.21 am to 6.48 am in the city.  Millions of people across globe  gazed at the sky in wonder and cheered as a solar eclipse unfolded, plunging parts of the planet into semi-darkness.

Back at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam ~ bakthas were treated to a stunning darshan on the occasion of day 2 of Theppothsavam.  Only those who witnessed can feel that ~ எம்பெருமானுக்குப் பல்லாயிரத் திருநாமங்களுண்டு…… there are thousands of names for  Emperuman – the ordinary mortal has nothing else to do than know the wisdom that we must chant His many other names, worship in many shrines, which itself will secure us a place by His side alongside those noble souls in heaven, says Boothath alwar whose Irandam Thiruvanthathi was recited in goshti today

ஞானத்தால் நன்குணர்ந்து நாரணன் தன் நாமங்கள்,
தானத்தால் மற்றவன் பேர் சாற்றினால், - வானத்து*
அணி அமரர் ஆக்குவிக்கும் அஃது அன்றே நங்கள்*
பணியமரர் கோமான் பரிசு.
Allikkeni Peyalwar mangalasasanam

Here are some photos today’s purappadu [9th Mar 2016] when the Lord who herded the cows sported a peacock feather on His crown. It is only day of Theppothsavam – chinna maada veethi purappadu.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.


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