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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sri Madhurakavi Vanamamalai Jeeyar Thiruvallikkeni patna pravesam today

Sri Vaishnavam  dates back to centuries – following glorious principles  handed over to us through many generations by our Acharyars which include Sri Ramanujar and Sri Manavalamanunigal.   Of the Divyadesams, the one near Thirunelveli,  called ‘Vanamamalai’  [Sri Varamangai]  is of great significance –  It is  the seat,  where the Mutt of Thennacharyar  Sampradhayam is located following our Greatest Acharyar – Sri Varavara Muni ‘Swami Manavala Maamunigal’.

Nanguneri is a  town in Tirunelveli district  about  30kms South of Tirunelveli, off the Nagercoil Highway and about 10kms from Thiru Kurungudi Divya Desam having Sri Vaanamamalai Thothadri Nathan  Thirukovil.  In centuries gone by, this place was identified as being 1 yojana South of Tamaraibarani.   The Moolavar at this Divyadesam is Totadrinathan, in  seated posture; Thayar is  Sireevaramangaittaayaar.

VanamAmalai mutt, the seat of our sampradhayam was  established by Sri PonnadikkAl  Jeeyar  after Sri Manavala Mamunigal.   Our Mutts are places of spiritual centres where ancient knowledge  thrives  and blossoms through regular discourses and education by learned scholars.  This dates back to 1400s and from Ponnadikkal Jeeyar, the lineage has passed on through 30 Jeeyars ~  Sri Madhurakavi Vanamamalai Jeeyar is the present pontiff.  He is a great scholar in our Sampradhayam and has been serving the mutt for decades.

Today was great occasion for Thiruvallikkenivasigal as  Varthamana swami did mangalasasanam at Sri Parthasarathi Swami  Kovil this morning  and in the evening there was the grand thiruveedhi purappadu  celebrating  Jeeyar Swamy’s ‘pattina pravesam’.   Sri Thennacharya Sripadham thangi sabhai members excelled by their devoted service as Jiyar was carried in beautifully decorated palanquin.  Here are some photos taken during evening purapadu, a that concluded around an hour ago.

Adiyen – Srinivasa dhasan.

11th Oct 2015. @ 22.51 hrs.

 Jeeyar Thiruvadigale saranam - Thiruvadi & Sthothra padal goshti

 Purna kumba mariyathai at Ahobila Mutt, Triplicane
 Sripadham thangigal Oyyali

 Jiyar pallakku lifted by uplifted hands !

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