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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sri Azhagiya Singar Thiruther Evening purappadu 2015

Sri AzhagiyaSingarThiruther at Thiruvallikkeni2015

இன்று  2nd July 2015-  ஏழாம் நாள் உத்சவம் -  காலை திருத்தேர்

After the grand Thiruther purappadu – thousands of devotees had darshan of Thelliya Singar in the Ther. In the evening there was ‘pathi ulavuthal’ and purappadu till the Eastern entrance in Sunkuwar Street on the Marina beach road. Later there was thirumanjanam inside the Temple.

Here are some photos of the Thirutherpurappadu.                      AdiyenSrinivasadhasan

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