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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sri Azhagiya Singar Thavanothsavam day 2 "Murali Kannan Thirukolam"

I have been posting about the serene Thavana Uthsavam that is underway at Thiruvallikkeni Divyadesam. On all the 3 days of Thavanothsavam, Sri Azhagiya Singar has different sarruppadi [Thirukolams] – today  11th Mar 2015 is day 2 of the Uthsavam and Sri Azhagiya Singar blessed us as ‘Murali Kannan’ – the flautist.

Lord Narasimha manifests anger – the righteous anger of killing Hiranyakasipu for the same of His devotee Prahalada and for saving humanity……. Lord is graceful and extremely caring for His devotees… even after slaying the demon, great sages meditated to HIM and at Ghatikachalam,  He gives us all the pleasant Yogic posture … so also at Thiruvallikkeni – where the Moolavar is Yoga Narasimhar.

The Uthsavar is blemishless, most beautiful Thelliya Singar ~ Azhagiya Singar – a mere darshan will cure us of all our sins and will provide us all goodthings aplenty.   The beauty of Lord Narasimha is aptly described by Thirumazhisai Piran in ‘Naanmukhan Thiruvanthathi’ :

அழகியான் தானே அரியுருவன் தானே*
பழகியான் தாளே பணிமின் -*குழவியாய்த்
தானேழுலகுக்கும் தன்மைக்கும் தன்மையனே*
மீனாயுயிரளிக்கும் வித்து.

Here Azhwar describes His various forms – from Mathsya [the fish] to Lion headed Narasimha ~ the same Lord is the one who is matchless in beauty, the pure substance of every thing and protector of all souls… falling at His feet will provide us everything and He would take care of us.

Here are some photos taken during today’s purappadu ….

and a photo (below) taken during the morning purappadu to Thavana Uthsavam (courtesy my friend Kanakarajkumar) which will  enable your appreciating the sarruppadi.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan

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