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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sri Thelliya Singar - siriya thiruther (chinna ther) 2014

On the concluding day of Brahmothsavam is ‘Sapthavaranam’ – grand Thiruvaradhanam, rendering of Thiruvaimozhi and late in the night, there is purappadu in Siriya Thiruther [the small chariot].  Today, 15th  July 2014 is the tenth day of Sri Azhagiya Singar Brahmothsavam at Thiruvallikkeni [Triplicane] divyadesam.

It is  ‘Chinna Thiruther’ famously known as ‘Vettiver Chapparam’… I had earlier posted of the scientific name of  vetti ver as - ‘Chrysopogon zizanioides’, a type of grass of Poaceae family, native to India.  Also known as ‘khus’ Vettiver can grow up to 1.5 metres high and form clumps as wide. The stems are tall and the leaves are long, thin, and rather rigid; the flowers are brownish-purple. Unlike most grasses, which form horizontally spreading, mat-like root systems, vetiver's roots grow downward, 2–4 m in depth.  This is not intended to by any post on its characteristics..

This Ther is known as ‘Vettiver Chapparam’ – for there used to be so many sheets made of this grass placed on the temple car.  One could feel the divine fragrance from a distance itself.   Understand that the stem of the grass vettiver is cut, smoothened and made into a mat.  These mats were earlier even used in houses and as the air passes through it, there would be fragrance and natural cooling of air. 

In the purappadu -  Thiruvarangathu Amuthanaar’s ‘Ramanuja Noorranthathi’ was rendered.  Here are some photos taken during the purappadu.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan. 

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