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Monday, July 15, 2013

ThirukKurungudi Jeeyar Swami Mangalasasanam and purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni

சங்கினோடும் நேமியோடும் தாமரைக் கண்களொடும்;
செங்கனி வாயொன்றினொடும் செல்கின்ற தென்நெஞ்சமே.

Swami Nammalwar describes this Divyadesa Emperuman thus – that upon seeing His most beautiful thirumeni,  Azhwar’s thoughts are with the Emperuman and he cannot think of anything else…..  it is the divyadesam hailed as most proximate to Lord Mahavishnu’s abode of Sri Vaikundam [~calling distance from here~] – the most sacred place located around 40 kms from Thirunelveli…… 11 km from the seat for Thennacharya Sampradhayam “Nankuneri aka Vanamamalai – Thirusirivaramangai” and on the other side lying closer is another divyadesam called ‘ThiruvanParisaram [Thirupathisaram]’.

It is “ThirukKurungudi” located on the  foot of the Mahendra Hill on the Western Ghat. From Chennai, one can take the Kanyakumari/Ananthapuri Express to Valliyur. From here, one can reach Thirukkurungkudi (10 km) in 20 minutes by boarding the Papanasam bound bus.   Here is the most majestic temple of Azhagiya Nambirayar Temple ~ sung by Periyazhwar,  Thirumazhisaippiran, Thirumangai Azhwar and Swami Nammazhwar.   The famous ‘Kaisika puranam’ is associated with this temple and is read on ‘shukla paksha’ dwadasi of the month of Karthigai, known as ‘Kaisika Dwadasi.   

When Thirumangai Azhwar, who built the huge walls of Srirangam and contributed in no small measure to the temple there, sought moksham, Lord Ranganatha directed him to visit his ‘Southern Home.’ Accordingly, Thirumangai mannan  went to the Vamana Kshetram of Thiru Kurungudiand performed services invoking the blessings of Lord Azhagiya Nambi and composed the last of his sacred verses (Paasurams) on the Lord before attaining moksha at Thirukkurungudi. Hence, it is believed that ‘Vaikuntam’ (the ultimate destination for Vaishnavites) is in ‘calling distance’ from the Lord’s Southern Home, at Thirukkurungudi. Thirumangai Azhwar’s thiruvarasu is in this town only. 

The moolavar is ‘Azhagiya Nambi’ ~ infact there are five Nambis here Ninra Nambi (Standing posture), Irundha [Veerru iruntha]  Nambi (Sitting posture), Kidandha Nambi (Sleeping posture), Thiruparkadal Nambi and Thirumalai Nambi.   The word “Nambi” can be described to mean personification of all virtuous and righteous qualities blended with beauty and grace.  Legend has it that at Thiruvattaparai, the supreme Lord himself acted as a Sishya to our Acharyar Ramanujar posing as ‘vadugar’.   Divyadesa Thayar is Kurungudi Valli.

Sri Vaishnavam  dates back to centuries handed over to us through many generations by our Acharyars which include Sri Ramanujar and Sri Manavalamanunigal.   Thirukkurungudi  is  reachable from  Tirunelveli also known as Nellai, an ancient city with rich cultural heritage.  This place is located on the western side of Tamirabarani river and is known for its Tamil literature.   Tamirabarani is known as “van poru nal” in divya prabandham. 

There is the Jeeyar Mutt preserving our Sampradhayam in the lineage of Sri Vaishnava Acharyars.  The pontiff of the Mutt – “Thirukurungudi Srimath Sri Sri Paramahamsethyathi Perarulan Ramanuja Jeeyar” Swami is presently at Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam.   Jeeyar Swami’s ‘pattina pravesam’ [entering the place] occurred on 12th July 2013 and today in the evening after Kodai Uthsava purappadu of Sri Parthasarathi Swami, there was the grand purappadu of Jeeyar Swami in an open palanquin.

Here are some photos taken during the purappadu.

Adiyen – Srinivasa dhasan.
14th July 2013.

Azhwar Emperumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam

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  1. nice write up swamy. thanks for the pictures too.
    adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan