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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Namakkal Anjaneyar Santhana kappu and Thanga Thiruther

Recently visited  the motor town of Namakkal on a different mission; had the fortune of worshipping the 18 feet tall, majestic Lord Anjaneya and had shared two posts – the first one with majestic photo of Lord Anjaneya standing tall; the other post was about ‘Sri Namagiri Thayar and Narasimhar’.

Inside the temple, Lord Anjaneya,  the 18 feet tall ‘Viswarupa Anjaneya’ the epitome of virtues – known for his knowledge, steadfast faith on Lord, doing things even before ordained,  the  most trusted aide of Lord Rama stands majestically. Hanuman is embodiment of discipline, devotion to His Master and one known for giving boons to all bakthas.

His devotees would seldom be satisfied in seeing him once; the more you see Him; the more you feel blessed and humbled by the embodiment of all virtues. I had the great fortune of having darshan of Lord Hanumar again in the evening also and what a great darshan it was…..

The Anjani Mainthan is known to be a great Tapasvi [the one performing penance always] and known for his cool temparement, unwavering dedication in the Service to Lord Rama.  In the evening of 9th Feb 2013,  it was ‘Santhana kappu’ ~ smearing of sandalwood paste all voer his body, cooling him further and pleasing Him.  Lord Anjaneya has a penchant for butter and is anointed with ‘butter’ [vennai kappu]  and ‘sandalwood paste’.  Vadai malai and verrilai malai [garlands made of vadai and betel leave] also adorn Him regularly.

There was also the purappadu in Thanga Ther [Golden chariot] inside the Temple for Uthsava idol of Anjaneyar.  Understand that the exquisitely carved golden chariot was made somewhere in 2008; it is made to depict  a horses-driven chariot, made in wood covered with gold and silver plates; it has tiny electric bulbs too. The Chariot measures up to 9.45 feet high made up of around 11.5 kg of gold worth Rs. 1.15 crore and 24 kg silver worth Rs. 5.28 lakh at the time of construction. 

Here are some photos of  Lord Anjaneya in santhana kappu and purappadu in Golden chariot.

Jai Anjaneya.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

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