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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Devotees protest new structure at Thiruvallikkeni - AMR criticises it in Kumudam Jothidam

Lot has been happening at Thiruvallikkeni Divyadesam – at Sri Parthasarathi Swami Temple.  Have you read the  Sept.21 2012 issue of popular ‘Astrological weekly’ – Kumudam Jothidam.  Its Editor – Sri AM Rajagopal renowned for his ‘Astrological predictions’ and literary writing disposition, would need no introduction among the religious minded people.

Sri Parthasarathi Swami Thirukovil is one of the vey ancient temples and one among the 108 Divyadesams sung by Azhwars.  The antiquity of the temple is understood by the style of architecture as also the culverts dating back to Pallava kingdom.The temple is under the control of HR&CE Department and in the recent past there have been protests / agitations over the construction of sheds in the prakaram inside the Temple  before Sri Varadharajar sannadhi. The vast prakara which provides good quality air and light is what appeals most in Temples and presently this is what has become the ‘contentious issue’.

The authorities have placed black granite in the inner prakaram over the black stone, which has become to be more of a hindrance with devotees finding it too hot to step on and too slippery when it rains.  Not caring for the aesthetic design nor for the time-old traditions, the authorities have erected structure covering the place fully, which prevents the devotees from having darshan of the Sacred Vimana.

There have been protests and signature campaign. A group of devotees have obtained signatures from more than 5000 individuals and have presented them to the Authorities, which has not provided any reaction.  A writ petition  stands   filed before the High Court of Madras seeking to declare the Sri Parthasarathy Temple at Triplicane an ancient monument and to preserve its antiquity as per the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act,1958. 

On Saturday 25th Aug 2012 – close to thousand of devotees converged in front of the Temple under the banner ‘Sri Parthasarathi Swami Temple Protection Group’ and went on procession around the Mada Streets chanting ‘Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam’ seeking His intervention in restoration of old order.    The voices of concern and anguish have so far have not evoked any response from the  Temple administration.  Representations have been sent to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Minister for HR&CE and to the authorities in HR&CE.

The primary concern of the bakthas of the temple are :
ü  The age old customs, rituals and traditional practices must be respected and preserved by the Temple authorities
ü  Any work in tune with the tradition and absolutely requirement can be sponsored by individuals – but no work should be undertaken simply because some individuals donate or sponsor.  A Sponsor is for repair / renovation – but no new work shall be done, simply because a donor wants it to be so.
ü  The traditional black stone treaded by Azhwargal, Acharyas, Ascetics and many renowned people and those having medicinal properties should not have been removed – that too without consulting or explaining to the common public
ü  At no point of time there was stagnation of water in the existing flooring pattern, which is now threatened by the new granite stones placed
ü  The granite tends to become too hot, making it hard for the devotees to circumambulate and do pradakshinas
ü  The new stones with their deceptive colour would conceal spilled water and could harm devotees.  With the slippery new floor, devotees especially, old, differently abled, pregnant women and others are afraid of tripping and falling.
ü  The only open place in front of Lord Gajendra Varadarajar sannathi has been closed – thus preventing the flow of air, making it quite suffocating.
ü  The roofing literally prevents devotees from having darshan of the Vimanam over the Sanctum Sanctorum.
ü  Respected people connected with the temple state that according to Agama Sastras, there must be opening at certain places, which has been closed now arbitrarily. 

The devotees who feel extremely hurt over the happenings have started an ‘online signature petition campaign’ also.  Those having similar views are requested to join the campaign by clicking this link :  Allikkeni Online Campaign

The inner cover and first page of Kumudam Jothidam is pasted below.  In the article titled ‘Thirukovilgal Theatergal alla – Temples are not theatres’ – Sri AM Rajagopal in his inimitable style has expressed his anguish and voiced concern clearly condemning the violations and seeking the Hindu Religious Department to correct the mistake immediately.

With regards – S. Sampathkumar.

Special thanks to Respected AMR & Kumudam Jothidam : Issue dated 21.9.2012


  1. This is something each one of us should be protesting. Come join the movement - Venkadanathan

  2. Kaliyum kedum - athigarilin aanavathaiyum, sampradhaya athumeeralaiyum thadukka vendum - Nathamuni