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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Koodarai Vellum Seer Govindha - Today's significance

Dear (s)

Today 11th Jan 2012 is a very significant day, 27th day of the tamil month of Margazhi. Colloquially known as “Kudarai Valli” – this is a day, when the sweet pongal [made of jaggery with ghee flowing] is offered to God and then shared with all near and dear.. This day assumes significance from the pasuram of Chudi Kudutha Nachiyar – Andal. In the month of Margazhi starting from day one, one verse of Thiruppavai is ascribed to a day and today is the 27th verse “Koodarai vellum Seer Govinda”

கூடாரை வெல்லும்சீர்க் கோவிந்தா உன்றன்னைப்
பாடிப் பறைகொண்டு யாம்பெறு சம்மானம்
நாடு புகழும் பரிசினால் நன்றாகச்
சூடகமே தோள்வளையே தோடே செவிப்பூவே
பாடகமே என்றனைய பல்கலனும் யாமணிவோம்
ஆடை உடுப்போ மதன்பின்னே பாற்சோறு
மூடநெய் பெய்து முழங்கை வழிவாரக்
கூடி யிருந்து குளிர்ந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

The true quality of Sri Vaishnavaite is to renounce everything, fall at the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana and feel happy of the fact of being his disciple. The best of wealth that one can get is the chance to do kainkaryam (service) to the God Himself and to Bhagavathas (His followers)

In this pasuram, Kothai Piratti expresses her great joy over the acquirement of the boons that she and her friends entreated Lord Krishna to grant them. Now She is in the eternal state of bless having been fully blessed by the Lord and is in a celebratory mood. This pasuram ascribes the benign supremacy of Lord conquering all His opponents with His anantha kalyana gunams like Souryam, souseelyam, soundharyam. To celebrate, She calls beating the drum, wearing new clothes describing all the ornate ornaments that are to be worn and eating sweet rice prepared in milk with ghee overflowing. In the early pasurams of Thiruppavai, it is the Paavai Nonbu – now it is nearing completeion and is the time for sanmanam from the Lord for those who observed the vratham.

The Pasuram starts with “Koodarai Vellum Seer” – which speaks of His greatest Quality of winning the hearts of even those who want to fight against Him. In Sri Ramayana, an angry Parasurama bent upon killing all Kshatriyas (Kings set to rule) was prevailed upon; then the asura Ravana, who fought distraughtly, was given a second chance when he was bared of all weaponry.

It is not only of getting that much sought benevolence of God but more of sharing them with all bhakthas ‘koodi irunthu kulirnthu’. Thiruppavai is also about Govindha Naama Sankeerthanam which reaches its peak in the concluding verses where She ponders ‘kurai ondrum illatha Govinda’. The myriad meanings of Thiruppavai are detailed in many many discourses of Sri Vaishnavaite Periyavars, especially during this month.

Let us all get the great éclat and glory of all the Worlds by adorning ourselves eating rice food prepared using milk with sumptuous ghee and who eats this ksheerannam will stand ever united and remain cool in heart and joyous by the blessings of the Lord.

I offer my obeisance again and again to Goddess Godhadevi – to her alone – who awakened Lord Krishna and binded him with flower wreaths that were already worn by her.

Sri Andal thiruvadigale saranam.

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