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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Paarvettai purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni 2016 : Sri Vijayadasami (Sojourn of Perumal)

திருவல்லிக்கேணி  "விஜயதசமி" புறப்பாடு.
Paarvettai purappadu at Thiruvallikkeni  2016  :  Sri Vijayadasami 

The day after Saraswathi Pooja  is Vijayadasami ~ the day considered most auspicious for starting learning.  Children are put in schools and taught the first syllable known as “Aksharabyasam”. 

11th Oct 2016 was * Vijayadasami *.   On every Vijayadasami, there is ‘paarvettai purappadu’  of Lord Parthasarathi.   At Thiruvallikkeni divyadesam today,   Sri Parthasarathi had purappadu astride the golden horse. It was ‘Sthothra Padal’ goshti ~ Thadi Panchakam [Dhati panchagam] and Sthothra Rathnam were rendered.  Perumal had kulakkarai purappadu – TP kovil 2nd street, Bandala Venugopala Street and then from South Mada St Junction,  being Purattasi Thiruvonam –Sri Vedantha Char accompanied him.

There are only a handful of occasions, when Perumal has purappadu beyond the boundaries of maada veethi – that include : Eekkattu Thangal thiruvooral uthsavam, Masi maham,  Thai poosam, Kodai Uthsava sarrumurai and Vijaya dasami.  In olden days, when Emperor was on the move, his subjects too would accompany.  Have heard that traditional Srivaishnava scholars when they have darshan of Emperuman in purappadu, would move along with the Perumal couple of houses at least.  Hundreds accompany Sri Parthasarathi when He visits Ekkadu ~ hundreds walk alongwith Deva Perumal in His sojourn during Chitra Pournami, Rajakula theppam, Seevaram paarvettai and the like.

In Ayodhya Kanda of Sri Ramayana, Sarga 83 – the journey of Bharatha to the Vana from the city of Ayodhya, across river Ganga is described in great detail.  His entourage consisted of Royalty, Ministers, Purohits, tradesmen and other warriors.   Valmiki describes :

षष्टी रथसहस्राणि :  धन्विनो विविधायुधाः ।
अन्वयुर्भरतं यान्तम् : राजपुत्रं यशस्विनम् ॥
ஷஷ்டீ ரதஸஹஸ்ராணி : தந்விநோ விவிதாயுதா: ।
அந்வயுர்பரதம் யாந்தம்: ராஜபுத்ரம் யஸஸ்விநம் ॥

As the noble King, the scion of Ragu vamsa, Bharatha  who was wedded to truth and who had mastered senses walked towards the deep forest looking for his elder Sri Rama, sixty thousand chariots and archers holding various weapons followed him, hoping to see Lord Rama and bring Him back.

Here are some photos taken at Thulasinga Perumal 2nd lane, that leads to Ice house bus stand.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan
12th Oct 2016.

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