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Monday, July 4, 2016

Thiruvallikkeni Amavasai purappadu : July 2016. new Panchaparva kedayam

Today 4th July 2016 is unique – combining Amavasai with Udayavar Thirunakshathiram ‘Thiruvathirai.  I had posted yesterday about the submission of new ‘Pancha parva kedayam’  (Tholukku Iniyaan – the one that is happy bearing to the shoulders of those doing kainkaryam to Emperuman). It was on display at Athangi Swami thirumaligai and after samarpana, there was ‘karikola purappadu’ too.

Besides Brahmothsavam and other annual  Uthsavams, there are many festivities in Thiruvallikkeni and on ‘Pancha parvam’ ~ Tamil Month starting, Pournami, Amavasyai, Ekadasi (2) days, there would be purappadu of Sri Parthasarathi.  On these days, Perumal will have purappadu in Kedayam.  The newly made teakwood gold-plated Tholukku Iniyaan had the fortune of having our Emperuman Lord Sri Parthasarathi for the first time ~ hundreds of thousands of days to follow.   

It was indeed a great fortune for all devotees to have darshan of our Lord Sri Parthasarathi, in the newly made kedayam.  The last photo is one on the existing kedayam, taken sometime earlier.

Adiyen Srinvasa dhasan.

the one below taken earlier in Apr 2016 - Sri Parthasarathi in old kedayam.
all the ones above are taken today in new kedayam

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