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Monday, April 13, 2015

Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Manavala Mamunigal sannathi

Thiruvahindrapuram temple is a beautiful Divyadesam situated near Cuddalore.  The Moolavar here is Devanatha Perumal and Thayar is  Hemabjavalli.  The Uthsavar here is known as ‘Moovaraagiya Oruvan’- going by the mangalasasanam of Thirumangai Mannan in Thirumozhi.  The river that flows in front of the temple is considered very sacred, having been brought by Garuda himself and called ‘Vraja nathi’.   The temple follows VAdagalai sampradhayam.

வையமேழுமுண்டாலிலை வைகிய மாயவன், அடியவர்க்கு*
மெய்யனாகிய தெய்வநாயகனிடம் மெய்தகு வரைச்சாரல்,
மொய்கொள் மாதவி சண்பகம் முயங்கிய முல்லையங் கொடியாட,
செய்ய தாமரைச் செழும்பணை திகழ்தரு திருவயிந்திரபுரமே.

Kaliyan describes this place as beautiful orchard having dense Kurukkathi bowers mingling with Senbagam trees; twined with Mullai creepers and lotus filling water tanks ~all at the place of the Lord who swallowed the Seven Worlds and took rest on the fig leaf – the true Deiya Nayakan revealing Himself to the devotees at this holy place called ‘Thiruvahindrapuram’

Swami DEsikan lived here for 4 decades and did many kainkaryams to this Lord.  There is a Hayagriva temple atop the hill opposite the Deiva Naayagan temple.  Hayagriva brought back the vedic scriptures from the demon and this place is considered to be the ‘place of knowledge’.  Lord Hayagreeva bestows knowledge and many start their education for their children [aksharabyasam] here. 

Nearer the temple is the centuries old sannathi for  Acharyar Manavalamamunigal,  administered by Swami Manavalamamunigal Sannidhi trust.  This Sannidhi is consummate in all respects (including Vahanas, Thiruther, Kannadi arai.]  Mamunigal is known as ‘Yathindra Pravanar’ arising out of his irresistible attachment to the lotus feet of Sri Ramanujar known as ‘Yatheendrar’.  Sri  Manavala Mamunigal is the incarnation of Adisesha.    His patent style was to elucidate the pramanams fully   ‘following the words of the Purvarcharyas without deviating a wee bit’.   He filled  his vyakhyana granthas with the words of purvAcharyas.  As followers of Mamunigals, duty thus is cast on us to understand the significance of preserving, maintaining, supporting and following the rituals and customs associated with all our traditional Temples.

For a Srivaishnavaite, Kainkaryam is essential; Selfless and unconditional “kainkaryam i.e., service to Lord” cleanses the soul of the performer. Every year the Srimath Mamunigal Mahotsavam is celebrated for ten days.  Here are some photos of monthly thirunakshitra uthsavam held at this sannathi – photos courtesy  - Sri Mamandur Govindarajan Swami.  Photos 1 and last two  credit : Sri Kidambhi Mukundhan Swami.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

13th Apr 2015.

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