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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sri Sowmya Damodhara Perumal Thirukovil ... Villivakkam

Among the thousands of names of Sriman Narayana, there are some oft repeated and having great significance – we prostrate before Him, calling Him – Padmanabha, Purushothama, Kesava, Narayana, Madhava, Govindha, Damodhara .....   Lord Krishna when He grew up, Yasodha to contain Him, tied him with a old rope (pazham thambu) – the cord(daama) was tied around the little waist(udara)  of Lord – it left a mark too .... the Lord capable of killing demons could easily have unleashed Himself – yet the mighty HE was contained to please mother Yasodha and He displayed obedience too.

Besides the great divyadesam of Sri Parthasarathi at Thiruvallikkeni, there are many other temples devoted to Sriman Narayana and many of them are hundreds of year old too.  The fast growing suburb of Villivakkam is  situated nearer the Industrial estate of Ambattur, Padi, ICF. It is on the Railway line and has a Railway station too.  This place reportedly got its name ater the sthala vruksham of ‘vilvam’ planted by Sage Agasthayar.

Nearer the Villivakkam bus stand is the Temple reportedly more than 650 years old dedicated to Sriman Narayana known as Sri Sowmya Damodhara Perumal Kovil.  The Swami here has scar in the stomach attributed to the rope tied around His waist.  The Thayar is here Amirthavalli Thayar.  There are separate sannathies of Sri Rama, Andal, Hanumar and Sri Ramanujar. 

True to the name the Perumal is so beautiful – ‘Sowmya Damodaran’.  This Saturday (6th Sept 2014) had the fortune of worshipping here.  Here is a photo of the Uthsavar taken immediately after ‘satha kalasa thirumanjanam’ and some photos of the Temple.

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

8th Sept. 2014.

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