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Monday, September 23, 2013

Grand Garuda Sevai for Sri Thirunarayanar (Selva Pillai) at Melkote

Dear Srivaishnavaites,

To me 21st Sept 2013 would ever remain a day of ‘divine bliss’ ~ for I was at a Temple [almost the whole day] thanks to my guru Dr MA Venkata Krishnan.  On that day, a group of us were here from Chennai ~ this place has connections with Thiruvarangam and  far off Delhi too…. !  This certainly is a place of scholastic excellence  for Sri Vaishnavism – you get to see very many devout elderly Thennacharya Sri Vaishnavaites, with profound knowledge in our Sampradhaya scriptures and practices as also great knowledge in Sanskrit – the one common thread that unites them all in the land where our Great Acharyar Sri Ramanujar lived – is their attachment to the Presiding deity and their passion to take care [yes, they don’t serve the Lord but take care of the Lord] as if He is a child.  With His divine blessings, this place continues to be home to the Academy of Sanskrit Research, which has collected thousands of manuscripts. 

I have been visiting Divyadesams and most of my posts would contain a couple of photos of Perumal and a few lines describing the occasion or the place…….. well, for sure, this place cannot be so simple – I am going to post at least a few more on that single day’s stay at this divine place.  Sri Bhagawath Ramanujar ordained that one should live in a small hut at least in this place – our way of sort of realizing that was staying there in that place – standing near the Presiding deity, getting enraptured by the Royal Care accorded by the Priest and all other kainkaryabarars, having darshan of Thayar and the Great Acharyar Udayavar.  On that day there were to be two purappadus – the morning purappadu after Pavithrothsava Sarrumurai occurred at around 01.45 noon – it was Garuda Vahana purappadu and the other took place in midnight – or rather 01.00 am of 22nd Sept – ‘Pushpa Pallakku’. 

The Temple is ‘Sri SelvaNarayana Perumal Kovil’ at Melkote referred to by us as ThiruNarayanapuram, Abhimana sthalam of Udayavar, who lived here for 12 years, codified and ordained strict procedures for betterment of Sri Vaishnavism.  The sacred place of Melkote is in Pandavapura talcum of Mandya district  around 50 km from Mysore and around 133 km from Bangalore.  It is a hilly protected place, calmness, serenity and divinity pervading here.  It is on rocky hills known as Yadugiri, Yadavagiri and Yadushailadweepa, overlooking the Cauvery valley.  Sure you would have heard of the most famous Vaira Mudi Sevai – whence the Lord wears the throne made of Diamond.  Situate at an altitude of about 900 metres above the sea level. The place has a very long history, dating back to "Kritha" Yuga, when it was called "Vedadri". In "Thretha" Yuga it was called "Narayanadri"; in "Dwapara" Yuga was called "Yadavadri" and now Thirunarayanapuram. 

Besides the prime temple, there is the Kalyani Pushkarini, the temple of Yoga Narasimha on the hillock, Sri Manavala Mamunigal sannithi  and more including the birth place of Sri Vaishnava Acharyar – Sri Nanjeeyar. 

The moolavar here is Thiru Narayanar also known as Sampathkumarar and Selvapillai – the name of temple is ‘Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple’.  The idol of Uthsavar was worshipped by Lord Rama, His Surya dynasty and later by Chandra dynasty and by Sri Balarama and Lord Krishna.   The Uthsavar’s connecton with Delhi and Ramanujar will form part of a separate post.

Here are a couple of photos of entrance of the Temple ~ the Uthsvar – Selva Pillai fondly known as ‘Rama Priyan’ and Uthsavar on Garuda vahanam. More will follow shortly

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.

23rd Sept. 2013.


  1. Indeed so. Samspeak , speaaks for himself. It is said that a picture conveys thousand words.

    These pictures do convey ecstasic feelings of mirth , joy and bliss. Great.

  2. We are indebted to you for these divine mails / blogs and thank our Lord. Our best wishes to you. We continue to read, enjoy and share your posts. - R. J.

  3. Really such an interesting post and great photos too... Accept my appreciations and wishes - Saranya

  4. This article makes me yearn to visit this divyasthalam soon - Kanchana