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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thiruvallikkeni Sri Ramar Thavanothsavam - Pattabisheka thirukolam

Pleasant things give happiness to everyone and there cannot be more pleasant sight than that of Sri Rama Pattabishekam ~ the eternal state of bliss- the most complete picture of happiness to everyone in the Kingdom.   Kosala Kingdom was replete with happiness.  The only trouble was that no body could donate ~ for the simple reason that there were none to seek and beget things from others. People lived in such a perfect harmony that there was no fight and there was no opportunity to display valour ~ the subjects were well educated and lived life full of honour… its capital which had no wars was known as ‘Ayodhya’. 

When Chakratvarthi Thirumagan returned to Ayodhya and it was the time of his Coronation,  the place was resounding with mangala geetham and that of Vedhas, flowers were falling from the sky and every elder was blessing Sri Rama.

மங்கல கீதம் பாட, மறை ஒலி முழங்க, வல்வாய்ச் சங்கு இனம் குமுற, பாண்டில் தண்ணுமை ஒலிப்ப, தா இல் பொங்கு பல்லியங்கள் ஆர்ப்ப, பூ மழை பொழிய, விண்ணோர்         எங்கள் நாயகனை வெவ்வேறு எதிர்ந்து, அபிடேகம் செய்தார்.* [from Kamba Ramayanam]

Mere chanting of the name ‘Sree Rama’ would provide everything to us ~ he is the greatest benefactor ~ the Maryadha Purush ~ the greatest epitome of all virtues Lord Rama.  At Thiruvallikkeni, Thirumangaimannan describes Rama as one with his family of Barathan, Satrugnan, Ilakkuvan and Mythili – the one who destroyed Ravana [Ravananthakan] – the most cheerful and calm Rama blessing all his devotees.  

I had earlier posted about the ‘Pattabisheka Ramar sarruppadi; during Sri Ramar Theppothsavam……….. now on Sunday, 14th April 2013,  it was Thavanothsavam and Sri Ramar in Pattabisheka Thirukoalam was a great sight to behold.  Here are some photos of the day…

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

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