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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sri Ramar Pattabishekam - Allikkeni Theppam 2013

Mere chanting of the name ‘Sree Rama’ would provide everything to us ~ he is the greatest benefactor ~ the Maryadha Purush ~ the greatest epitome of all virtues Lord Rama. It is our total belief that by listening to the highly meaningful and auspicious poetical composition of Sri Ramayana, a person gets family-prosperity, augmentation in money and grain, superior quality of life, peace of mind,  exquisite happiness and all the acquisition of wealth on this earth.

In Ramayana, at the time of meeting Lord Sri Rama, Sugreeva has lost everything- power, prowess, kingdom, wife, honour; association with Lord Rama restores him everything. Ravana, on the other hand, has everything in the beginning; is the most powerful emperor in his own land secluded from any competition; he loses everything one by one and is finally destroyed too.

The most complete picture of Sri Rama that one can ever dream of is that of Sri Rama Pattabishekam ~ the eternal state of bliss, the state where all of his subjects were totally happy ~ a picture of the most Noble Sri Rama seated on the throne with Sitadevi – with Lakshmana, Baratha, Satrugna doing service to Him, Sri Hanuman seated near his legs, Sugriva, Angatha, Zambavan and more – all happy.  -  one having darshan of Lord Rama pattabishekam sure would have all wealths in life.  

At Thiruvallikkeni, Thirumangaimannan describes Rama as one with his family of Barathan, Satrugnan, Ilakkuvan and Mythili – the one who destroyed Ravana [Ravananthakan] – the most cheerful and calm Rama blessing all his devotees.  Today, 16th Mar 2013, it was Theppothsavam of Lord Rama – and it was the most beautiful sarrupadu [alankaram] as ‘Pattabisheka Ramar’ – Lakshmana holding the umbrella and Sita seated on His left.  One can also have darshan of ‘siriya thiruvadi’ [Lord Hanuman] near his Lotus feets.

A photo of Sri Ramar taken during purappadu on another day is also posted – just to make you experience of the beautiful sarrupadi of ‘Pattabisheka Rama’

Adiyen Srinivasadhasan.

coming out of 36kaal mandapam

before Sri Nammalwar sannathi

Pattabisheka Ramar - backdrop of Gopuram

Kairavini kulakkarai veethiyile

Siriya Thiruvadiyam Hanuman
Anjaneyar ~ [this photo courtesy Thirumazhisai Kannan]

 before Thiruvadi Kovil - see the Temple gopuram in the backdrop

inside the float - theppothsavam

Allikkeni Azhagiya Sree Ramar - Kothandapani


  1. We are Blessed. Thank you. I visited the Theppam and had a great Darshan at the Tank as well as in the Sannidhis in the temple. But your write up and photos make it a better experience. Thanks again, - R. J.

  2. Very Nice photos.I enjoyed Theppotsavam in Tirupathi when I was young.