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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sri Nampillai sannadhi Samprokshanam at Triplicane

தெள்ளியதா நம்பிள்ளை செப்புநெறி தன்னை*
வள்ளல் வடக்குத் திருவீதிப் பிள்ளை இந்த*
நாடறிய மாறன் மறைப்பொருளை நன்குரைத்தது*
ஈடு முப்பத்து ஆறாயிரம்*.......
the immortal words of Swami Manavala Mamunigal in his Upadesa Rathinamalai

Sri Nampillai, in the Acharya paramparai is known for his scholastic excellence. He was the disciple of Sri Nanjeeyar and acharyar of Vadakku Thiruveethipillai. His commentary on Thiruvoimozhi known as Muppathu Aarayiram” and celebrated as “Eedu” is considered as the best amongst the vyakyanams and considered equivalent to Thiruvoimozhi itself.vyakyanams and considered equivalent to Thiruvoimozhi itself.

Swami was born as “Varadhacharyar” in the year Prabhva, 4249 kaliyugadi, in Krithikai Month in Krithikai Nakshatra. He lived a life of 105 years in this world. His period is 1147 AD – 1252AD.    His life time was during the era of Chola dynasty and he was a witness to its glory, disintegration, defeat and annexation to Pandya kingdom. His Eedu also chronicles some part of the history of his time, as they are related to the temple of Srirangam. The Chola King Sundara Pandyan reportedly did the golden cover to the temple tower.
Nampillai discoursed the lectures of Parasara Bhattar to his disciples Periavachaan Pillai and Vadakku Thiruveedi Pillai. who in turn employed them in their respective commentaries. “Muppathu aarayirappadi” of Vadakku thiruveethipillai based on the discourses of Swami Nampillai is considered the best.

The Oranvazhi acharya paramparai mantle passed on from Parasara Bhattar to Namjeeyar and Nampillai. Namjeeyar appreciated Varadhacharyar on his writings on Thiruvoimozhi and called him “Nampillai”

Swami Manavalamamunigal has hailed Nampillai in “Upadesa Rathinamalai”. Nampillai of this fame has a sannadhi at Triplicane, situate at the front of Sri Bhandaram Committee place commonly known as “Komutti bungalow”. Around 100 years earlier, there was a great person by name Yogi Parthasarathi Iyengar and his wife was Yogi Singamma.

Sri Yogi Parthasarathi Iyengar in his wisdom created a press for re publishing on paper the great granthams of our Vaishnavaite mahans and in this venture established a press and “Saraswathi Bhandram Committee” – saraswathi bhandaram meaning library / treasure house of the works of Goddess of Learning Saraswathi. He spent his fortune towards establishing this and on this place built a temple for Sri Nampillai as the rightful person to own this treasure house. The idol of Namperumal was also installed alongside. He ensured that there would be festivities at least once a year.

Besides Yogi Singamma built a traditional temple in South Indian style at the birth place of Sree Rama at Ayodhi, which is now known as “Ammanji mandir”.

This Nampillai sannadhi was renovated and re-built decoratively by the efforts of the Committee, spearheaded by Sri MA Venkata Krishnan Swami. The samprokshanam was conducted on 26th April 2010. From 23rd April there was rendering of Naalayira Divya prabandham and homam was conducted.

A tamil version along with photos is also placed in my blog which can be seen below.

Adiyen – Srinivasa dhasan.

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