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Monday, September 2, 2019

Avani Hastham Sri Varadharajar purappadu @ thiruvallikkeni 2019

Today 2nd Sept 2019 is Vinayaka Chathurthi ~ today is Hastham Thirunakshathiram in the month of Avani.  Hastham is the nakshathiram of our reverrred scholar Swami Kurathazhwan.  Hastham is the thirunakshathiram of Sri Varadharajar.

At Kanchipuram,  the  48-day Athi Varadar festival took the World by storm – with lakhs of devotees joining the queue every day to have a glimpse of the great Lord.   Now Thirukachi is back to normal and today there would have been celebrations for Sri Devathi Rajar.  At Thiruvallikkeni, there was chinna mada veethi purappadu of Sri Varadha Rajar.

இன்றைய கோஷ்டியில் ஸ்ரீ பேயாழ்வாரின் மூன்றாம் திருவந்தாதி சேவிக்கப்பெற்றது. பேயாழ்வாரின் பக்தி சுரக்கும் வார்த்தைகளில் இங்கே ஒரு பாசுரம் :

மருந்தும் பொருளும் அமுதமும் தானே,*
திருந்திய செங்கண்மாலாங்கே, - பொருந்தியும்
நின்றுலகமுண்டுமிழ்ந்தும் நீரேற்றும் மூவடியால்,
அன்றுலகம் தாயோன் அடி.

For us, the lotus(red) eyed Sriman Narayana Himself is the medicine; its innate healing power; the Sweet Nectar – the power of wellbeing as well.  He is one who made the Universe, swallowed, remade,  and went on to measure it, by seeking a gift of three feet of land …..  and to Him we offer obeisance.

Some photos taken during today’s purappadu are here.. ..

~adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.
2nd Sept 2019.

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