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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sri Peyalwar Sarrumurai - morning purappadu 2014

Sure you would have travelled many a times on Kutchery Road, the road that links Luz Junction with Beach road….. next time, for sure you might take a turn and reach this place, if you have not visited this earlier…. It is Arundale Street, off  Kutchery road – otherwise not so noticeable one… that winds its way towards Sri Madhava Perumal Kovil ~ and just a couple of yards in to the Street, lies this famous place with divine connection.

Among the 12 Azhwaars of Srivaishanva Tradition, Poigai Azhwar, Boothath Azhwar and Peyazhwar – were the ones to have descended on this Earth earlier.  They were contemporaries and are praised as “Muthal Azhwars (the first among the Azhwars).  They were born in the month of “Aippasi: in the thirunakshathirams of ‘Thiruvonam, Avittam, Sathayam’ respectively. This divine trio met on a rainy day at Thirukkovalur – when they sang 100 verses each which now form part of Moonravathu Ayiram (Iyarpa) in Naalayira Divyaprabandham. 

Azhwar avathara sthalam

Sri Peyalwar was born in a well in Mylapore (thence known as Mylai Thiruvallikkeni).  His birthplace is in the present day Arundel Street [described in the first para of this post]  in Mylapore closer to Mylai Sri Madhaava Perumal Kovil.  At Thiruvallikkeni, the road adjacent to Sri Parthasarathi Kovil houses a separate sannathi (temple by itself) for Sri Peyalwar and this street is named after the Azhwar and is known as ‘Peyazhwar kovil Street’.

Today 2nd Nov 2014 happens to be ‘Sadhayam in the month of Aippasi’ ~ the sarrumurai of Sri Peyalwar.  In the morning Sri Parthasarathi swami had purappadu to Peyalwar sannathi, had thirumanjanam.  Some photos taken during the morning purappadu are here.

Adiyen Srinivasa dhasan.


  1. Sir, In one of the Tamil newspapers ( - Peyazhwar Section), I read that Peyazhwar was born(in a well) near Arundel street. After googling, I visited your blog. Can we see the well now?


  2. Dear Bala, yes. very much. The well is very much there at Azhwar avathara sthalam at Arundale Street. The place still looks the same, as it appears in the first photo ..

  3. Sir, I went to Arundale Street and saw the big well. I guess, that will be the biggest well in Chennai.

    Now, I could recognize the photo. Thanks for guiding :)